Bridal Shower & Brunch

Before you and your partner walk hand in hand into a blissful sunset, a series of pre-wedding events help to set the stage for this next level of commitment. Relish the transition from fiance to newlywed with a celebratory bridal shower or brunch in a place that’s as beautiful as your union—the country of Jamaica.

Planning the Details

While a bridal shower is a customary event traditionally shared with female family and friends, the nature of a bridal shower differs based on the desires of each special bride-to-be. Thankfully, Jamaica has many options to provide every bride the right resources for festivities perfectly suited to them. You can even opt for a wedding shower with both betrothed in attendance and invite everyone so no one is left out.

Keep the smiles and laughter going with amusing games and challenges inspired by the big day. Many bridal showers include having the bride’s best girlfriends or bridal party sporting their own labelled sashes, shiny bargain rings, couture toilet-paper gowns, and sheer veils, all in the fun spirit of the occasion! Gifts shared here from loved ones are typically opened ahead of the wedding ceremony, and are meant for the bride, honeymoon, and beyond.

The added flair ingrained into a destination wedding also means one can host their pre-wedding events away from home in an entirely new atmosphere. Work with a local team of florists and decor specialists comfortable in the island settings to include personal touches that can emulate the wedding’s theme or go in a completely different direction.

Choosing a Menu

Since a bridal shower or bridal brunch takes place during the day, with more raucous celebrations reserved for bachelorette parties, let your guests indulge in tasty dishes and sweet treats created by local culinary professionals that will surely please both the palate and appetite. Compliment the taste of delectable delights with authentically fresh fruit drinks and spirited beverages.

In Jamaica, you have the choice of everything from what we refer to as ‘homestyle’ cooking to fine dining and world flavors from our assortment of international cuisines and fusions. Consider the privacy of Di Wine Yaad at Miss T’s Kitchen, Marguerite’s sophisticated patio, the scenic vista of Stush in the Bush, or the sea cliffs of Rockhouse Restaurant.

Besides restaurant picks, you can have the bridal brunch or shower catered by a personal Jamaican chef or catering service to wow the taste buds of your guests.

Selecting a Venue

For an intimate group date, with a high chance of a hypnotic view, why not host your bridal shower or brunch, kissed by golden island sunshine that matches morning mimosas? In Jamaica, a standard scene could include the grassy mountains, colorful tropical gardens, or the sparkling blue sea.

Consider staging a bridal shower in Jamaica at a dreamy resort, banquet hall such as Pollyannas, or with an even bigger change of scenery on the lawns of a botanical garden like Hope Gardens, or a historic great house like Bellefield.

Toast to a special union under the magnetic island sun of Jamaica!

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