Travel Tips

Good to know

Fun, excitement, relaxation, and adventure awaits you in Jamaica! As the saying goes, preparation is key, so it’s great that you’re researching the finer details of your trip before you go. Our Jamaica travel tips will help you have the best experience here on your tropical getaway. Wherever you go, you’ll find native quirks and perks and prepping for any and every experience will help you to have a pleasant and memorable holiday no matter where your trail may take you.

Tips for Jamaican Travel

Visiting somewhere new can be thrilling and you may be wondering what to expect in Jamaica and how to keep safe while you explore. We suggest a few ways that will bring you ease in the event of a hiccup, natural or otherwise. These tips will help you stay poised for a spontaneous vacation, ready to explore whatever fun happenings may cross your path.

What about passports and visas? Let us help you with all the details you need to know about Jamaica’s entry requirements. A simple mishap can ruin your perfectly planned escape to the land of spicy eats and rocking beats, so be sure to know before you go.

Smaller details can make or break your trip too. Need-to-know information, like what to pack, how to drive in Jamaica, our time zone, and climate have all been laid out for you. Though we are in the tropics, our insider tips will help you to stay ready for any type of weather. Do you need an adapter for your charger? Should you get a special driver's license? Will your phone work in Jamaica? Not to worry, we’ve covered all of that plus more so you’ll have everything you need before you say bon voyage.

Jamaica welcomes millions of visitors each year and has quite a high visitor return rate. Keeping these few things in mind when you visit may see you joining the throngs of adoring visitors who love this land of wood and water, finding their own unique reasons to keep coming back each year.