Festivals & Events

Good Times for Groups

Attending a Jamaican event is a great way to sample different aspects of our culture all in one space at the same time. Festivals and events in Jamaica offer up food, music, artistry, and entertainment while giving you the opportunity to meet and play with Jamaicans who, like you, are out seeking a good time.

Traveling to a beautiful country like Jamaica, rich in vibrant culture, natural attractions, and daring adventures, makes attending even the most seemingly mundane conferences, conventions, and meetings very appealing. It’s easy to get caught up in the scheduled activities at these conferences and time goes by in a flash. Before you know it you realize you haven’t gotten the chance to enjoy the best Jamaica has to offer. Don’t let this happen to your patrons. Make space for and encourage them to attend a party, festival, or other truly Jamaican experience during your event.

Events & Festivals in Jamaica

You might choose an event that closely aligns with the theme of your function and will be fitting for your audience, or perhaps choose to align with something that will create unique and lasting memories for attendees. There is always a wide array of events in Jamaica to choose from that can enhance your patrons’ experience. 

Your audience will love our various food festivals which offer wholesome fun for families and patrons of all ages, as well as our music festivals which feature the best reggae music acts and happen throughout the year. For music events, look out for Rebel Salute early in the year, Reggae Sumfest during the summer, and Reggae Sunsplash as the year ends. For foodie events, there’s the Kingston Curry Festival in the spring, Ocho Rios Seafood Festival in the summer, and the Jamaica Rum Festival in February/March.

Throughout the year we host a wide variety of sporting events such as the Reggae Marathon, Port Antonio International Marlin Tournament, and ISSA Boys and Girls Champs where the future Jamaican track athletes compete for glory.

Party fans will enjoy the Jamaican nightlife, whether at a local pub or a weekend-long series of high-energy events.

Jamaican Nightlife

Meetings all day, party all night. No matter what part of Jamaica your event is being held, there’s a spirited nightlife in the surrounding community welcoming your attendees and encouraging them to dance and have a good time. 

Did you know that Jamaica is said to have the most bars per square miles than anywhere else in the world? We love our libations and we love to have a good time. Bars in Jamaica range from local community rum bars that will sell you a half flask of rum to swanky waterfront pubs complete with star DJs, amazing house cocktails, great food, and hopping dancefloors. 

Parties also happen throughout the year, even more so surrounding major holidays like Easter and Independence Weekend. Family fun days and festivals are also popular Jamaican events for daytime fun.

One highlight of the Jamaica calendar of events is Carnival in Jamaica, a day of dazzling parades where costumed revelers dance through the city streets in bright, colorful costumes. Carnival has an entire series of events leading up to the big parade and will ensure a uniquely Jamaican experience for music fans.

For even more festivals and events in Jamaica while you’re in town, check out the listings below.