Events Calendar

Join the fun and excitement

There’s always something exciting happening in Jamaica. Our event calendar is jampacked with things to do and places to go for the solo traveler, families among us, or couples here to create lifetime memories.

Some are staples that happen every year with inaugurations being added every so often and some are pop-up events that are worth the visit to Jamaica for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll find lots of food, culture, and music events here that will enhance your visit to the land of rhythm and spice.

Foodie Events

Are you a foodie? You’re in for a great treat as the Jamaican events calendar is filled with food festivals and celebrations of the culinary art. The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival offers a week-long revelry with each night dedicated to a different theme to keep things interesting on the palate.

Perhaps you already have a favorite flavor you like to celebrate? Then opt for the variety of singularly focused feasts on the Jamaican calendar such as the Kingston Curry Festival, Ocho Rios Seafood Festival, Jamaica Rum Festival, and of course the Montego Bay Jerk Festival.

Foodies will also love the restaurant hopping experience of Restaurant Week every November across the island. It’s the perfect time to sample the delicacies of a wide variety of the island’s eateries.

Cultural Festivals 

Jamaica has a rich cultural history and there are many opportunities to learn more about us in a fun and welcoming environment. 

The Accompong Maroon Festival is a spectacular event to learn about the Maroons, descendents of African slaves who escaped capture into the mountains of Jamaica. Come taste their traditional foods, hear music that originated here, and see them perform sacred rituals. Another event celebrating the country’s past and present is Jamaica Festival. This celebration of our land’s independence offers a tremendous display of the best of Jamaican culture from then ‘til now. Kids will enjoy the Jamaica International Kite Festival, a colorful display of soaring kites with lots of entertainment and activities on the ground for all to enjoy.

On another cultural note, Rastafari Rootzfest highlight Rastafarian culture and take you deeper into the evolving world of cannabis.

Music Events

Outside of major reggae concerts that happen in Jamaica each year, you’ll find lots of exciting music happenings to enjoy. Look out for concerts celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday in February, like the Bob Marley Birthday Bash, as well as festivals concentrating on the variety of musical genres to be found in Jamaica.

The Calendar is Always Full

Whenever there’s a holiday weekend in Jamaica, there’s sure to be a weekend full of fanciful fare. Party lovers flock to our shores for Easter, Independence Weekend, and Heroes Weekend, three days each of popular all-inclusive affairs.

Be sure to check our events calendar before you come or while you’re here and join any of Jamaica’s signature events that just might have you coming back every year.