Kingston Restaurants

Dine in Jamaica's Culinary Melting Pot

Visitors usually opt to stay in our capital city when seeking undiluted Jamaican culture, nightlife, history, and a balance of business and leisure. Kingston is not only known for its urban flair, but also its variety. The diversity within the city has given rise to a wide selection of culinary choices with flavors from around the globe as well as Jamaica’s first gastronomic center!

Authentic Jamaican Food

If you crave real Jamaican flavor, it won’t be hard to find. Sample local Jamaican soul food at eateries like Sonia’s Homestyle Cooking; or get introduced to our world-famous jerk by tasting the distinctive flavor smoked into the meat with pimento wood and spices at an authentic spot like Sweetwood Jerk Joint. You can also enjoy some of the island’s best offerings with seafood at Gloria’s and curried goat at Moby Dick.

International Cuisine

As a melting pot of cultures, you can find foreign cuisine almost as easily as local delicacies in Kingston. Numerous international franchises are sprinkled around the capital city, and many Kingston restaurant menus include a fusion of Jamaican favorites and continentally inspired dishes.

If you can’t decide on just one cuisine, enjoy blended menus that complement international dishes with Jamaican flair. Macau and Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records are two popular options that offer this. 

In the mood for something specific? Lick your fingers—literally—after devouring with your hands at Cafe Africa. Head to Jade Garden for Chinese fare or Sora Sky Cuisine for Japanese eats. Enjoy a taste of Mumbai with the curried Indian selections at Nirvanna, and say bon appetit when the Italian offerings at Fromage Brasserie arrive. In Kingston, you can take on a whole new world via your palate.

Take Your Pick

Would you like to dine in an area that offers a multitude of activities, or maybe one with scenic views? You can experience both in Kingston.

Restaurants in New Kingston, like the sophisticated Summerhouse gastropub and Green Haze Hookah Lounge, are conveniently sandwiched in the business district and meet your desire for restaurants in the center of it all. Meanwhile, the downtown area is a mix of vintage and modern with hallmark eateries accentuating its charm. A must-visit is F&B Downtown, a three-in-one venue combining dining, shopping, and art.

For great views and convenience, be sure to check the dining options at your hotel. Rojo, at the Spanish Court Hotel, and The Terrace and Regency Restaurant, both at Terra Nova, are elegant dining options located within Kingston accommodations.

Romance Awaits

Low amber lights, soft music, a sophisticated ambiance, and fine dining are a few ingredients in a romantic restaurant recipe. You can set the mood and indulge in mouthwatering meals with your partner at some of the best restaurants in Kingston. Maybe dine with a backdrop of city lights at the esteemed Strawberry Hill, or take the date up a notch at a place like Redbones which offers fine dining options with a side of music.

Let your stomach do the talking in Kingston, a foodie paradise you must experience.