Out of Many, One People.

The true beauty of our island is our people. Jamaica is a melting pot of rich culture, embodied by our national motto, “Out of Many, One People”. Our cultural diversity is a blend of Taíno, African, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Syrian, Lebanese, English, Irish, French, and Welsh influences that you will see in our food, place names, architecture, music, dance, folklore and language. 

We have a rich and vibrant history with a long and storied past filled with struggle and the fight for equity, justice, emancipation and independence.  The saying “we likkle but we tallawah” (meaning 'we may be small, but we are strong') has long been an unofficial “motto” for Jamaicans that speaks to our resilience as a nation. Our size belies the world class and world-beating contributions Jamaica has made, and continues to make to music, sports, intellectual and political discourse, diplomacy, the arts, culture, and academia, internationally. Notable Jamaicans like Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Usain Bolt and Louise Bennett-Coverly (Miss Lou) have made their mark on the world stage with distinction, along with many others. 

Confident, creative and magnetic, Jamaicans stand out wherever we go, buoyed by an unmatched level of national pride.  We’re exuberant and joyful, and love to enjoy the little things in life. We’re effervescent, creative and charismatic, with an energy that is felt worldwide through our music and culture. 

Come back to your best self in Jamaica! 

When you visit Jamaica, you’ll meet friendly smiling faces and will be welcomed with warm hospitality wherever you go. As proud Jamaicans, we are ready and eager to introduce you to our culture - to who we are, our warm hospitality, the beauty of our country, and to the best of Jamaica, to bring you back to your best self. 

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