Volunteer In Jamaica

Make an impact on holiday

Experience an enriching holiday vacation in the sunny isle of Jamaica while lending a hand to a local project.

Volunteer in Jamaica

“Going local” is something we covet in leisure travel nowadays, but what does it really mean? Eating local cuisine, exploring the local culture, using the local currency…but how about getting a glimpse inside the real Jamaica by volunteering to help improve the condition of a local community?

Volunteering in Jamaica provides visitors an opportunity to truly integrate into the local neighbourhoods and develop relationships with residents. Whether supporting a reading program or helping farmers for a day to plant and harvest crops, there are a host of flexible activities for travelers to choose from. For visitors traveling for leisure, most hotels and resorts are aligned with community programs through which visitors can conveniently schedule a volunteer activity during their vacation. Feel free to browse our projects and contact the respective organizations to volunteer for a month, a week, a day or even a few hours on-island.

As a visitor to Jamaica, there are many ways you can give back and make a difference. Before arriving, check out the programs available through your hotel of choice, such as book drives, community visits, and any ongoing projects. Some hotels and foundations also participate in Pack for a Purpose which helps travelers make a meaningful contribution to the destinations they visit.

While our Jamaican people will surely benefit from your assistance, we hope that you take home with you an experience of a lifetime, and share the celebrated Jamaican spirit and warmth with your friends and family.

We thank you for your kind outreach.

Bob Marley's grandson, Kingston Marley, took a trip home to do some community service for the Alva Primary & Infant School in St. Ann, Jamaica. Spearheaded by his non-profit organization “Children for Change”, this trip is not only a tribute to his famous grandfather, but it's also a reminder of the Marley family's long-standing commitment to helping the people of Jamaica. Watch more of his experience and work HERE