Things To Do

You’ll never run out of things to do in Jamaica.

This island is bursting with stories and experiences served with the warmest hospitality and largesse. There’s always music playing, delicious food cooking, and you’re always invited. From hiking and water sports to historical sites and food tours, Jamaica is a treasure trove of activities waiting to be checked off your bucket list. Think golfing, shopping, sailing, exploring and not to mention the parties!... Even we can’t keep up.

Come back to exciting and dive into the wide range of things to do in Jamaica.

Come back to daring on wild rides

Nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers have no shortage of outdoor activities. Come back to daring as you hike to the peak of the Blue Mountains, surf the waves at Boston Bay Beach in Portland, or zipline over stunning waterfalls. Go horseback riding along the beach or check out the Kool Runnings water park in Negril. Nothing compares to zooming over the rainforest at YS Falls, taking in cliff diving at Rick’s Café, or trekking through the ancient underground Green Grotto Caves.

Come back to lively and good vibes

Discover the roots of Reggae music and its global icons at the Bob Marley Museum and Peter Tosh Museum in Kingston. Take in the nightlife and live music at Pier One in Montego Bay or Janga’s Soundbar in Kingston. Whether street-side eateries or fine dining restaurants, you’ll find traditional Jamaican dishes and a range of international cuisines for meals that you’ll savour long after your vacation has ended. Show off your dance skills at a street party or night club. You’re sure to find plenty of friendly faces ready to show you the latest dancehall craze.

Come back to your best self

World-class golf courses with unmatched views, iconic landmarks, galleries, and historical sites all deliver wonderful experiences to bring you back to your best self. Shopping in Jamaica is an immersive experience. High-end boutiques and duty-free outlets deliver barefoot luxury in elegant Caribbean style. Discover beautifully crafted items and the meet talented artisans behind them at craft markets and stalls across the island. Venture into town and visit a farmer’s market, where you’ll find tropical fruits and vegetables of every shape, colour, and size. Take a tour of the stately Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay and thrill at the legend of Annie Palmer, infamously known as the “White Witch of Rose Hall”. Her spirit is said to roam the estate to this day, making Rose Hall one of the most haunted places on Earth. Are you brave enough to tour the property at night?

With so many thrilling activities and experiences to choose from, Jamaica is the perfect destination to rediscover your playful side and tantalize all your senses. Come back to exciting…in Jamaica.  


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