The Port Of Kingston

The Cultural Capital of the Caribbean

The Port of Kingston welcomes visitors to the nation’s capital. Kingston does double duty as the island’s cultural capital, home to Jamaica’s essence – music, entertainment, academia, business and gastronomy.

Kingston is a bevy of restaurants and cafés ideal for feasting on the organic and other delectable delights produced by skilled chefs. Devon House, a historical and gastronomy centre holds its place on bucket lists with its renown ice-cream made with tropical flavours - be sure to try the Devon Stout and Fruit Basket. 

A trip to the city is hardly complete without including Bob Marley’s Kingston connection via his home - now the Bob Marley Museum - Trench Town and Tuff Gong Records. Music studios, dance halls, theatres and play houses dot Kingston, providing live entertainment and stage productions. Learn the latest dance moves and grooves; check out concerts in the park or performances with your favourite artistes. For those who prefer a gentler pace, galleries and museums are generously sprinkled in between. 

Kingston is the place to do it all, plus some! No wonder it’s been designated as a UNESCO Creative City.