What To Do

Join the vibe of our capital

Golfing, beaches, fine art galleries, a bustling nightlife, colorful markets, and even more colorful people are just a few reasons to visit Kingston. There’s no shortage of things to do in Kingston and nowhere else on the island will you feel the pulse of Jamaica quite like it beats here. Do take the time to enjoy some of the main city attractions and exciting events.

The Cultural Connoisseur

To see Kingston’s star attractions, start Downtown at the heart of it all. Visit the National Gallery of Jamaica to see the cultural exhibits on show here. Then walk through streets lined with sensational murals to dine at a local cafe. From the original colonial architecture and modern designs to the not-to-be-missed Devon House; you will discover the beauty and spirit of Jamaica. Take a quick ride to Port Royal, once dubbed the “wickedest city in the west,” to visit Fort Charles and the Maritime Museum and walk in the steps of maritime generals and swashbuckling pirates. The spectacular beaches, accessible by boat just off Port Royal’s coast like Lime Cay and Maiden Cay, are definitely worth a visit for a chill time, especially when there is a party going on.

Natural Mystic

Venture uptown to visit the Hope Botanical Gardens, home to gorgeous gardens, and an amphitheater that hosts regular reggae bands. The Kingston resort area is home to other national botanical gardens at Bath and Cinchona with the Blue and John Crow Mountains, all being home to thousands of endemic flora and fauna. Hiking trails wind through the lush gardens and forest with an invitation to explore farther.

The Music Muse

A visit to the creative city of Kingston means that you’ll be hearing reggae music pouring from stores, pushcarts, cars and buses. It’s the beat to which Jamaica moves and that will move your feet. From Fleet Street to Trench Town to Dub Club, and the many themed parties each night of the week, Kingston keeps a rhythm that’s solely its own. Be sure to check out the reggae legend’s life and legacy at the Bob Marley Museum where he lived and recorded many of his famous songs.

Get to know Kingston, the melting pot of Jamaica’s finest offerings that will leave you wanting more.

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