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What to Know in Kingston

What to Know

Kingston insights

Whether you want to go off the beaten path or follow the tried-and-true trail of visitors before you, we’ll get you on the right track in Kingston. Jamaica’s capital city is difficult to pin down—you just have to experience the vibe for yourself. Here are a couple of things to know, from facts and handy tips to what you shouldn’t leave without seeing.

Facts About Kingston

1. Kingston was founded in 1692 as a place for survivors of the earthquake that destroyed Port Royal.
2. Located on the southeastern coast of the island, it is both the capital and largest city of Jamaica.
3. Kingston is the seat of government in Jamaica and the island's business capital. Even with the many opportunities for business, the resort area of Kingston is also known for cultural, educational, and leisure options. There are arguably more museums, dining and nightlife, and event options than anywhere else on the island.

4. It has the largest botanical gardens in the Caribbean. At 2,000 acres, Hope Gardens is home to many indigenous plants as well as the Coconut Museum, Sunken Gardens, Orchid House, Lily Pond, Maze, and Palm Avenue. A true must-see.
5. For some of the city's best ice cream, pastry, gourmet cuisine, and Jamaican gems, visit Devon House, one of Kingston's favorite historical mansions. Simply delicious.