Spirit of Jamaica

The Exquisite Flavors of Jamaican Rum

Jamaica has long been celebrated for producing some of the world's finest rums, a byproduct of our thriving sugarcane industry with a rich heritage dating back centuries. Come savor the distinct flavors of aged rum in oak barrels and immerse yourself in the island's captivating history and discover just how Jamaica's distinctive method of distillery, the traditional Pot Still method, sets Jamaican rum apart from its counterparts.

When it comes to flavors, Jamaican rum offers a diverse and enticing range. Explore notes of tropical fruits, spices, and hints of molasses, and let each sip take you on a journey through the island's lush landscapes. Beyond its exceptional taste, every bottle of Jamaican rum holds stories of generations past. Their complexity of flavors will leave you with a lasting impression. Tied to many cultural traditions, white rum is a staple found in every Jamaican home - whether for medicinal purposes or to ward off evil as it is said to be strong enough to kill the Devil! 

Jamaica Rum Festival 

Let's toast to our rich heritage! An exciting way to experience the wonder that is Jamaican rum is by visiting the Jamaica Rum Festival in Montego Bay, the perfect place to discover all things rum. From exciting mixology and bartender flairing sessions, to delicious food pairings, rum based recipes and cocktails - explore the flavors and traditions that make this island favorite so special in a party vibe that brings good food, good music and good rum together for an awesome experience you can't afford to miss! All our premium rum creators including Appleton Estate, Wray and Nephew, Hampden Rum, and Monymusk Plantation showcase their rums and byproducts at this rum festival. It’s a great opportunity to see art and craft exhibitors, taste delectable delights made with local rums, and enjoy performances from popular local acts.

Estate Tours

An estate tour is another great way to experience Jamaican rums. Appleton Estate Rum , Hampden Estate Rum and Worthy Park Estate have popular tours. For rum lovers, the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience named for Jamaica's Master Distiller, is an absolute must! This is your invitation to come back to curious! Take a Master Class from Jamaica's premier Master Blender and sample a variety of our aged rums. Head to the picturesque Nassau Valley in St. Elizabeth for this experience or head over to Trelawny for the Hampden Estate Rum Tour. or Worthy Park in Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine. All are popular experiences for visitors and locals alike who enjoy exploring the estates and sampling some of the world’s finest rums.

Often the centerpiece of parties and lively social gatherings, Jamaican rum, whether white or red, is an absolute must-try. Just picture yourself lounging at your swim-up bar or your favourite chill spot in Jamaica, rum cocktail in hand. Enjoy it served neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail like the iconic Jamaican rum punch or try our famous Devon Duppy from the Grog Shoppe at Devon House in Kingston.

Beers and Stouts

As the world's coolest people, it's no mistake that Jamaica's Red Stripe Beer is synonymous with chill as the coolest beer in the world best enjoyed ice-cold. If you’re a stout lover then try Dragon, a local stout also brewed by Red Stripe, or Malta, for a non-alcoholic stout beverage. Either stout makes a delicious energy drink when blended with nuts and your milk of choice. Ask your bartender to make you a Peanut Punch with stout to savor this smooth flavor.

Jamaicans are the life of the party everywhere and our rums, beers, and liqueurs help get the party started. Whatever you are drinking, let's raise a toast to life and coming back to good vibes.

Every Jamaican household – home or abroad – has a bottle of tried and true Jamaican white rum close at hand. Bay rum, over proof…