Hampden Estate Rum

Born and Aged in Trelawny

It’s one of Jamaica’s oldest rum distilleries, yet one of the newest rums on the market. Or is it? Hampden Estate has been producing rum in the quiet hills of Trelawny since the 1750s, but is not widely known in the market because it was largely sold in bulk to other distilleries both in Jamaica and internationally. You’d have to be an industry insider to know that Hampden Estate contributes to the world-renowned perfume scents of Chanel and the sensational Rum and Raisin ice cream flavor from Häagen-Dazs. It is also an ingredient in popular rums and spirits marketed around the world.

The Goods

Hampden Estate changed ownership in 2009 and they subsequently started to produce their own line of white and gold rums made with the superior spirits crafted on the land. Nowhere else in the world will you find the unique blend of environmental factors mixed with the old-world copper pot distilling techniques that flavor the award-winning rum. Rum Fire, the local white overproof rum, and Hampden Gold, the local gold rum variety, are both award-winning, picking up awards in Italy, Germany, France, and the U.S.

Hampden Estate receives acclaim for rum production due to the high amount of esters in its spirits. Esters are chemical compounds that result from rum production and lend aroma to the rum, adding to its unique and sophisticated flavors. Hampden Estate produces rum with a range of 50-1,600 esters, the highest amount any rum is allowed to have on the market. 

Hampden Estate Rum Tour

Rum enthusiasts will enjoy the Hampden Estate Rum Tour, which includes a look at the charming Hampden Great House from 1753 and the lush surrounding property. The Estate is located about 35 minutes away by car from both Montego Bay and the Falmouth cruise port, and invites rum-loving patrons over the age of 18 to come take in the sights and some rum.

The two-hour, breathtaking plantation tour shows off the rum-making process from fermentation to distillation. Explore the beautiful grounds of the property, see the Great House, sample the acclaimed rums, and end the tour with a Jamaican dining experience for lunch.

Jamaican Overproof Rum

Overproof rum has an alcohol content of at least 57.5%. Hampden produces both an aged overproof gold rum and an overproof white rum called Rum Fire. 

The potent rum is used in a number of ways in Jamaican cuisine. Outside of intricate tropical cocktails, you can find our overproof rums in cakes, marinades, and sauces for both desserts and savory dishes. A traditional Jamaican dessert enjoyed seasonally, is a rich dark-colored fruit cake soaked with overproof rum. The cake recipe includes dried fruits that have been soaking in overproof rum all year long. This cake is often served with a glass of sorrel, a hibiscus and ginger-infused crimson drink often also spiked with overproof rum. You must try these delicacies if you visit Jamaica during the festive season.

You can also get a sampling of rum-infused cuisine at several sports bars across the island that serve up rum-infused barbecue wings. Be sure to take a bottle of the esteemed Hampden Estate Overproof Rum to enjoy at home in your cocktails or cooking.