Waterfalls and Rivers in Jamaica

Your Jamaican vacation will take you up stunning waterfalls and down glistening rivers. The first inhabitants, the Tainos, called the island Xaymaca, meaning ‘land of wood and water’, and for good reason! There are more than a hundred waterfalls and rivers for you to discover in Jamaica. From May to November, the rushing waterfalls are at their most spectacular, while in the dry season (December to April), rivers are clear and calm, perfect for tubing or rafting. Come back to an adventurous state of mind and marvel at the unbelievable beauty of our island.

Learn the history and culture

Our waterfalls and rivers are not only a source of natural beauty but are deeply significant to our natural and cultural heritage. One of Jamaica’s iconic waterfalls is the Tacky Falls in St. Mary. Tacky Falls was named after the leader of one of the country’s most talked about historical accounts – the 1760 rebellion. The story is told that Tacky and many followers successfully escaped from plantations and found refuge in the mountains of St. Mary. They relied heavily on the rivers and waterfalls for fresh water and shelter. Are you brave enough to jump down the rabbit hole at Reach Falls in Portland? It’s believed that the cavity leading to a dreamy underwater pool was used as a secret passage by Maroons as they fled their colonial oppressors.

The best waterfalls and rivers to chase

From rafting down the Rio Grande, to ziplining over YS Falls in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica's waterfalls and rivers offer a memorable experience for all ages. Many of the island’s waterfalls, range from 60 to 180 feet, like the renowned Dunn’s River Falls in St. Ann. Are you up for the challenge? Come back to daring and conquer the climb together! Seeking a more laid-back waterfall experience? Konoko Falls and Park in Ocho Rios is an excellent choice. The first stop on the climb up the Falls will be a picture-perfect cascading curtain of water. Pause here and soak in memories that will last a lifetime. At the very top of the falls you’ll find a peaceful and secluded swimming pool. Linger a while and take in the view of the lush, tropical rainforest.

Jamaica's waterfalls and rivers offer the perfect combination of natural beauty, iconic history, and exciting adventures. Pack your swimsuits and don’t forget your camera! Come back to breathtaking with waterfalls and rivers in Jamaica.