What To Do

Visit the South Coast

From bubbling natural mineral baths known for their healing powers, to tours of historical houses and Lovers Leap, the South Coast is just the place to get to know the wonders of Jamaica.

What to See

The many attractions on the South Coast of Jamaica are demurely tucked away in the sleepy countryside towns in Clarendon, Manchester, Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth. This is where you go for a real feel of rural Jamaica that is as authentic and as community-based as one can imagine. 

Not to be outdone by the more popular north coast, the adventure never stops in the south. You’ll quickly run out of time before you get to all the things to do, sites to see and food to taste

The YS Falls rises high in the mountainside and cascades for seven layers, offering a plethora of spots to play. The farm on the property is home to cattle you’ll see lazily grazing on the sprawling grounds as you make your way up to the main attraction. Once there, climbing the falls and zip-lining your way down with Chukka Caribbean is a must for thrill-seekers. At the base of the waterfall, families can enjoy the two large freshwater pools suitable for children. Grab a bite and memorabilia from the gift shop before moving on to your next adventure. 

After a morning or riveting adventure over the waterfalls, the Black River Safari is the perfect next stop. This tour takes you 45 minutes up Jamaica's longest navigable river to see the local crocodiles and the birds that flock to the tremendous mahogany trees lining the river. You'll learn why it's called the Black River, hear of its rich history and uses even in modern day.

Celebrate the spirit of Jamaica and one of the world’s first female Master Blenders at the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Experience. Join the tour chronicling the distilling process and one of the world’s celebrated rums. You’ve come to Jamaica where great rums are borne so take the opportunity to make your own brew and pick up a few bottles from the gift shop to take home.

A vacation on Jamaica's South Coast isn't complete without a trip to Lover's Leap to see the breathtaking views of the horizon and hear the legend of our very own Jamaican Romeo and Juliet. To top it all off, plan for a ride out to Pelican's Bar, the coolest bar in the world floating out at sea.

Matchless experiences only on Jamaica’s South Coast.

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