Where to Eat: Port Antonio

Port Antonio: Explore All Things Jerk, and More!

Welcome to the Home of Jerk! Jamaican food is synonymous with the world-renowned flavors of jerk, and the parish of Portland is where it all began. Known also for its raging rivers, cascading waterfalls, and beautiful beaches, Portland is the celebrity playground you must visit. This lush northeasterly part of Jamaica is charming, serene, and full of undisturbed natural landscapes.  

Port Antonio, the capital of Portland, is a bustling and diverse town. One where you’ll find everything from luxurious hideaways nestled in the footholds of the Blue Mountain range to the esteemed marina where the who’s who docks. Nestled  on Jamaica's northeastern coast, Port Antonio is not only known for its stunning natural beauty, but also its diverse and vibrant culinary scene. Explore the best places to eat in Port Antonio and discover a variety of eateries, from local jerk shacks to waterfront restaurants, serving up delectable dishes that showcase the island's vibrant flavors. Immerse yourself in the warm hospitality and mouthwatering cuisine that the town has to offer.

Authentic Jerk Shacks

No visit to Jamaica is complete without savoring the island's signature jerk cuisine, and Port Antonio is home to some exceptional jerk shacks. Head to Boston Jerk Centre, located in nearby Boston Bay, where you'll find a variety of jerk vendors offering mouthwatering jerk chicken, pork, and fish, marinated in a blend of aromatic spices and slow-cooked over pimento wood. Enjoy your meal with traditional sides like festival (a sweet fried dumpling) or thick slices of hard dough bread. The lively atmosphere, spicy aromas, and unforgettable smoky flavors make Boston Jerk Centre a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

Waterfront Restaurants

Immerse yourself in the picturesque beauty of Port Antonio's waterfront while enjoying a memorable dining experience at one of the town's waterfront restaurants. Visit the famous Frenchman's Cove Resort, where guests can dine on a terrace overlooking the turquoise waters and savor a fusion of Jamaican and international cuisine or have jerk chicken or burgers on the beach.

As with any seaside town in Jamaica, fishermen go out each day in Port Antonio to bring back the catch of the day. Jamaican-style escoveitch fish is a seafood lover’s favorite best enjoyed right on the dock. Try it with bammy, a bread-like side dish made from cassava. If you’re in luck, fresh oysters will be available with a variety of spicy sauces to kick them up a notch. Make sure to try our spiny lobster with a side of curried shrimp or curried conch to complete your seafood adventure. The Errol Flynn Marina is a popular spot for seafood favorites or head to Anna Banana for indoor or seaside dining. 

For an elevated dining experience that combines the flavors of Jamaica with elegant dinner presentation, head to the Trident Hotel, adjacent to the Trident Castle where the ultimate dining experience awaits you. Reserve a table at The Veranda overlooking the infinity pool with the ocean just beyond for an incredible backdrop to your meal with breathtaking views. Or snag a spot at Mike’s Supper Club for cabaret entertainment while you dine in a sophisticated ambiance on delectable dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

Street Food

To truly experience the local flavors of Port Antonio, venture into the heart of the town and explore the local delicacies and street food options. Visit the bustling Port Antonio square where you'll find an array of vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables. Stop in at the local Coronation Bakery and get hot hardough bread fresh out of the oven, ready to be slathered with butter or eaten warm straight out of the bag. Other local baked treats include their famous holey bulla and policeman's buttons. Don't miss the opportunity to try a variety of seafood or the traditional Jamaican soups like Mannish Water (goat soup), fish tea or conch soup from local food stalls, and be sure to stop at the jerk man on the side of the road for the quintessential street fare. just follow your nose to the tantalizing and smoky aroma of jerk meats drifting from large metal drums where they are grilled over licking flames. Get a side of sweet festivals to perfectly complement your jerk chicken and soak up the spicy jerk sauce. These street food delights provide an authentic taste of Jamaica and are perfect for a quick and flavorful snack while exploring the town.

Charming Eateries

For a relaxed and cozy dining experience, Port Antonio offers a selection of charming eateries that offer a welcoming ambiance, friendly service, and a chance to mingle with locals while enjoying flavorful meals and beverages. You will find many flavourful options including Piggy's Jerk Centre, for jerk chicken and festival, Coastline Bliss for fresh seafood, Ballaz Restaurant and Bar for Jamaican homestyle cooking. Roots 21 Bar and Kitchen is another favorite. Here you’ll find a variety of authentic Jamaican meals served up in a warm and festive atmosphere. Make sure to get some curry goat or oxtail with your jerk chicken for the true Jamaican experience or check out their delicious seafood and pasta. Be sure to also check out Woody's Low Bridge Place for the best burgers in Portie.

Fusion Bites is an upscale eatery that entices you to try their Asian Jamaican fusion meals along with their seafood staples. Word on the town is the crab legs are a must-have. For a stylish and laid-back setting, visit The Bushbar at Geejam which offers a fusion of Jamaican and international dishes, complemented by tropical cocktails and a view from the pool deck that is not to be missed.

This charming town has something to satisfy every palate. Come delight in a variety of dining experiences in Port Antonio and come back to "Mmmm!".