Cruise Ports

Your Gateway to Cruising Around Jamaica

The heartbeat of the world is connected to the sea via five ports in the cities of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Falmouth, Port Antonio, and Kingston. These cruise ports in Jamaica are equipped to handle colossal passenger ships and boutique yachts.

Embarking on an extraordinary experience once setting foot in these multifaceted towns is almost effortless. In between exciting the palate at an exotic fruit stall or smokey jerk joint, make the most of a cruise stop at one of our island’s natural wonders, heritage sites, and more! No matter the desired vacation experience, your docking destination is likely to offer it.

Ocho Rios Cruise Port

A combination of waterfalls and botanical gardens create Ocho Rios’ signature beauty. The Ocho Rios cruise port is the country’s largest and sits centrally among top Jamaica attractions. If you’re a nature enthusiast, floral splendor and a steady waterfall await at Shaw Park Gardens, or drive Fern Gully’s roadway to take in miles of leafy life forming a tunnel. Mix in adventure by climbing against the rushing force of Dunn’s River Falls.

Montego Bay Cruise Port

Jamaica’s tourist capital holds our second largest cruise port. Visitors to Montego Bay flock to the reputed curative waters of the famous Doctor’s Cave Beach, championship golf courses with striking views, and legendary great houses like the infamous Rose Hall Plantation. A stroll down the lively Hip Strip provides a wad of activities, iconic entertainment hotspots, cuisine, shopping, and gaming options.

Falmouth Cruise Port

Falmouth has a distinct flavor stuffed with architecture and history, possessing the largest collection of Georgian buildings on the island. Take a step back in time on a walking tour or a guided trolley ride, raft on the horseshoe-shaped Martha Brae River, or explore the Cockpit Country mountains for one-of-a-kind interactions with indigenous wildlife.

Port Antonio Cruise Port

The pier at the Errol Flynn Marina, Port Antonio’s cruise port, is the smallest of Jamaica’s major ports. Paradisal Portland is like a promised land for nature lovers, where its captivating scenes have proven worthy of Hollywood films. Sit on a bamboo raft throne as you float down one of our longest rivers, immerse in the sapphire depths of the Blue Lagoon, and sink your toes in the silky sands of Frenchman’s Cove while visiting this coastal town.

Kingston Cruise Port

Kingston’s cruise port accesses the melting pot of a UNESCO creative city. A fusion of impressive arts, history, and tantalizing cuisines makes Kingston the cultural capital of the Caribbean. Visitors craving an inside look at the ‘real’ Jamaica may venture to the revitalized downtown area and former pirate haven of Port Royal. Complete your trip with a jammin’ visit to the Bob Marley Museum, lunch at Usain Bolt’s restaurant, and indulge in tropical ice cream flavors at Devon House for dessert.

With such variety, you may find yourself wanting recurring visits to the country of Jamaica. Make your Jamaica cruise stop be the start of a truly special experience.