Where To Stay

Lay back in Negril

Charming guesthouses, villas, all-inclusive resorts, and adults-only hotels await you in Negril.

Many of Negril’s best places to stay line the shores of its famous Seven Mile Beach, affording you quick beach access and amazing views from your room. From the backpacker to the indulgent, there are accommodations to suit the needs of every type of traveler.

On the cliff-side of Negril are many luxury boutique hotels, ideal for a romantic getaway, destination wedding, or honeymoon. This is the quiet side of Negril, away from the busy beaches and hectic nightlife. The cliffs are surrounded by landscaped gardens and a Zen-like ambiance to accompany your spectacular sunset views.

Down on the beach, you’ll find a wider variety of hotels. Even with the varying options, a great number of Negril resorts are all-inclusive or at the very least, breakfast inclusive, giving you one less thing to think about. The amenities are world class with several of the larger resorts offering fitness centres, lawn tennis and yoga. Take a leisurely walk along the beach to find an array of restaurants, beach bars, and cafes.

With such beautiful beaches, watersports activities are a feature of Negril. Beachfront hotels offer a range of watersports activities including paddle boats, body boards, scuba and snorkeling as well as sunset cruises. Entertainment is part of our true Jamaican style with the reggae beats vibrating through. There are themed shows and live music sessions where you’ll hear talented musicians enticing you to sway to the notes of their chosen instrument.

Come back to the beach; come back to Negril.