Where to Eat

The food in this part of Jamaica is fresh and organic, the air is crisp and clean and the towns are quaint and unpretentious. This is the place for relaxation, nature, adventure, culture and great culinary experiences all rolled up into the fabric of what it means to experience Jamaica.

Not to be outdone by the more popular north coast, culinary options abound You’ll quickly run out of time before you get to all the things to do, sites to see and food to taste

The South Coast includes an area of the island called the “bread basket” meaning that a significant amount of the island’s food supplies are grown there. The many street-side eateries, fruit stalls and restaurants all purvey or incorporate foods, fruit and seasonings grown in the area. Be sure to check out the schedule at your hotel for the next farm-to-table dining event at Treasure Beach.

Try the steamed or brown-stewed fish with okra which is believed to be an aphrodisiac and is a specialty for many seafood restaurants. Made fresh on the South Coast means it includes quite a bit of Scotch Bonnet pepper escallion and thyme grown on a local farm

Make it breakfast, lunch or dinner at Billy’s Grassy Park, a street-side stop at Middle Quarters, St. Elizabeth known for its hearty meals from peanut porridge to brown-stewed chicken. Cooked on hot coals in large pots, the smokiness imparts a unique flavor to the meals. Stay for a taste of spicy pepper shrimp, the specialty prepared lovingly each day by the various street vendors there.

Roadside eateries are a staple in this area. For a taste of homegrown fare, stop at Spur Tree in Manchester for a most delicious curried goat and corn soup. Roasted yam, roasted sweet potatoes and salted fish are a quick pick-me-up at Melrose Hill.

Making a stop in Mandeville? OMG Restaurant and Coffee Bar in the heart of the town is one of the most popular full service restaurants. Its extensive menu includes traditional Jamaican dishes like jerk chicken and oxtail in addition to vegetarian nut loaves and callaloo lasagna. Their delicious selection of cakes and pastries, are baked fresh daily

Murrays and Juici Patties at Clarendon Park are the “must stops” for travellers heading to and from destinations along the South Coast. With extensive parking and menus that provide filling portions, weekends are always busy, so come early

Remember to stop by Porus for fresh fruit in season such as tangerines, naseberries, grapefruits, pineapples, guineps, papayas and grapefruits.