Set Your Spirit Free with Horseback Riding in Jamaica!

Come back to adventurous in Jamaica and take in the thrill of a horseback ride through the tropical landscape. Saddle up and ride along Jamaica’s breathtaking trails or equestrian clubs.

Unforgettable experiences at Half Moon Equestrian Centre

Known for its luxury and old-world charm, Half Moon Resort is home to one of the finest equestrian centres on the island.  Enjoy a variety of activities, including riding, jumping, and polo lessons, all led by capable trainers. Private instruction in basic dressage and jumping is also available for adults and children over the age of six. The little ones will enjoy the Pony Park with a variety of friendly animals. Take a scenic ride through the resort’s extensive property in Half Moon Bay.

Chukka Cove: A thrilling ride off the beaten path

Looking for a more rugged experience off the well-manicured path? A horseback experience at Chukka Adventures delivers family fun, adventure, and incredible views. At locations in and around Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and the South Coast, Chukka offers an array of thrilling trails that wind through emerald-green forests, across sparkling rivers, and along rugged terrain. Channel your inner explorer as you conquer nature's obstacles, cross babbling streams, and revel in the electrifying experience of horseback riding in paradise.

Caymanas Pony Club: An oasis just outside of Kingston

Located just 20 minutes outside of Kingston, the Caymanas Pony Club offers a safe and nurturing environment for riders of all ages and skill levels. Explore lush fields and meadows, learn the art of riding from skilled instructors, and forge lifelong friendships with fellow riding enthusiasts. The Caymanas Pony Club is where cherished memories are made.

For riding enthusiasts, Jamaica is truly a remarkable destination. Come back to the thrill and the serenity of horseback on your vacation and let the spirit of Jamaica reawaken the adventurer within you.