Relaxation Itinerary

Unwind in Unparalleled Beauty

You deserve to be pampered, appreciated, and catered to. You deserve the ultimate luxurious experience in an exotic land where the atmosphere is alluring and the ambiance is amazingly tranquil. Let us serve you. We’ll start right now by planning the ultimate relaxing five-day retreat in Jamaica for you. Follow this calming Jamaican itinerary for a peaceful and contented Jamaican vacation.


Wipe the slate clean. You’ve traveled far away from home and all your worries, and now it’s time to massage away all the energy stored in your muscles. Allow your entire body to embrace your serene journey to a renewed and refreshed you by booking a sunset massage. 

If you’ve chosen to stay at a resort in Montego Bay, then chances are there’s luxury awaiting you mere footsteps from your room. If not, then warm and welcoming hands await you at the Half Moon Resort’s Fern Spa where luxury is a minimum and anyone can book an appointment.

When your entire body is relaxed, treat yourself to an epicurean candlelight delight at Houseboat Grill, a charming floating restaurant located in the heart of Montego Bay.


It’s time to steep yourself in nature. Take a leisurely ride on a river raft down the Martha Brae listening to the sound of the birds singing and the river babbling beneath you. Then explore the underground caves of the Green Grotto, about 30 minutes east of the Martha Brae Rafting Village. You’ll learn a little of Jamaica’s history while seeing for yourself the incomparable beauty of our land.

Alternatively, you could opt to go west for your day in nature and venture to Negril. For a small taste of adventure while you unwind, take a ride out to the Blue Hole Spring, less than two hours from Montego Bay. The water here is said to be naturally enriched with healing minerals and a good soak might just be the experience you need. While you’re in the area, check out Homers Cove or Little Bay for some peaceful beach time.


How about a low-key day of rum tasting? We’re home to several award-winning rums and a rum tour in Jamaica means traipsing through lush plantations in the hillside where the fresh air and tranquility heightens the taste of each sip. Hampden Estate Rum is conveniently located in Montego Bay, while Appleton Estate Rum is about a two-hour drive south. Worthy Park Estate lies in the centre of the island, hidden in an almost fairy-tale valley.

End your day at the Luminous Lagoon, one of the few places in the world where the water lights up an electric blue thanks to millions of microorganisms living in the bay. Go at dusk and be prepared to take a dip in the water to see yourself glow. 


If you’re on the eastern side of the island, you might love a trek into the Blue Mountains. Even if you’re not near here, it’s worth it to plan a day trip or overnight excursion. This is the highest peak in Jamaica, home of the world-famous coffee bearing the same name. Along the path, you’ll stumble upon many coffee shops and delis offering sweet treats and eats to accompany your cuppa joe.

On your way down the mountain, make a detour to the Bath Fountain & Spa in St. Thomas to soak in mineral waters springing out of the hillside. These warm healing waters are rumored to have healed skin lesions of our ancestors’ many moons ago. 

If you take the Portland side of the mountain down, then pay a visit to the Maroons in Moore Town. They’ll welcome you with open arms and take you around their sacred land. It’s a superb way to completely immerse yourself in a part of a decades-old culture still alive today. Here, you’ll find the Nanny Falls, a beautiful and soothing sight to behold. Portland is also the home of jerk, so be sure to have lunch here to sample the most authentic jerk in all the world.

If Portland is out of your way, but a day with the eclectic Maroons sounds like your idea of a good time, dance to the beat of the drums with the Accompong Maroons. Located in the hills of Trelawny, about two hours from Montego Bay, you can experience a slice of traditional Jamaican life.


A little luxury shopping is the order of the day. Take home with you handcrafted candles to remind you of your tropical vacation, or organically made beauty products featuring the finest sea salt and clays available on our land. 

Browse the new shops and restaurants recently opened at Main Street Jamaica, a shopping village in Montego Bay close to the airport. Take your time and reflect on the relaxing time in Jamaica you’ve enjoyed over the last five days.


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