Things to Do

From water activities to land excursions, Port Antonio has it all, but without the crowds. Take a swim at Frenchman’s Cove Beach or Winifred Beach. And, if surfing or body-boarding is more your speed, then Boston Beach is the place to be with its rolling waves and beautiful bay.

Chase waterfalls and explore!

Explore Reach Falls, a breathtaking waterfall that flows from the John Crow Mountains one of the island’s tallest ranges. You might be surprised to know that the unforgettable waterfall scene in the movie Cocktail, was shot here. Visit the magnificent Blue Lagoon, the island’s largest spring-fed lagoon where ice-cold fresh waters springs from the depths of the earth to mix with the warm Caribbean Sea and create a magical mix of the most amazing shades of blue. Explore the depths of the harbour with Lady G’Diver for an extraordinary scuba tour to explore beneath the blue waters of Port Antonio.

Go cruising on the river

River rafting is a unique Jamaican experience. There is simply nothing more relaxing than being led by the streams of the Rio Grande as it carries you through the lush forest on a sturdy bamboo raft, piloted by an expert captain. Glide down this magnificent river and listen to the sounds of nature and be regaled with stories and bits of history as you cruise along the river.

Come back to curious! 

Immerse yourself in local folklore and the history of Port Antonio! Visit the Charles Town Museum and Safu Yard to learn about the rich history of the Maroons or visit the remains of Folly Mansion, a great tale of wealth, love and loss for visitors to explore. Local legend is that a millionaire built the house for his wife who broke his heart, and so the mansion, a symbol of their love, fell into ruin. The beauty, intrigue and charm of Port Antonio will leave you refreshed, revitalized and re-inspired.