Negril Restaurants

Delicious Eats in the Capital of Casual

Negril’s famous stretch of sand is home to a block of beachfront resorts with a multitude of neighboring bars and eateries. The beauty of the Capital of Casual is that there are two distinct areas in close proximity for you to choose from as your relaxation destination: a sandy side for the beach lover and a rocky cliff side for the low-profile vacationer.

Seven Mile Beach Restaurants

Many establishments along Negril’s Seven Mile Beach are just steps away from each other, and, thankfully, you have the option of taking those steps with sand in between your toes while venturing from spot to spot.

No visit to anywhere in Jamaica would be complete without indulging in some spicy smoked jerk, and Negril is no exception. Find out why people rave about this local favorite at Best in the West. Just about smack dab in the middle of Seven Mile Beach, this open-air spot has a full bar and plenty of signature cocktails. Get the coconut pie for dessert to cool off your mouth after the spicy blast of jerk.

For a rustic sea-to-table experience, Arthur’s Beach Bar offers seafood right on the beach. This colorful eatery has seating that extends just steps from the gently lapping waves, so you can enjoy freshly grilled lobster with a view of the turquoise sea. 

For something less casual, hotel dining at Rondel Village and Negril Treehouse resorts provides a feel of the establishments when you stop for meals at their namesake restaurants, Rondel Restaurant and Negril Treehouse Restaurant, both of which serve up meals all day.

West End Restaurants

Take a quick ride over to the West End cliffs to find a collection of less conspicuous offerings with hidden treasures at just about every turn. Many of West End’s best restaurants are located on resort properties, but thankfully aren’t limited to overnight guests.

Intimate and alfresco, The Lodge Restaurant at the renowned Tensing Pen resort offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a fabulous view of the Caribbean Sea. Meanwhile, over at the tranquil Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel Resort, Blue Mahoe is noted for a menu of local and international cuisines, as well as seafood fare.

The Pushcart Restaurant & Rum Bar and namesake Rockhouse Restaurant at the Rockhouse hotel add a touch of elegance to traditional Jamaican delicacies. Rockhouse Restaurant sits just on the cliff edge with a menu bursting with local flavors, and Pushcart serves local street food favorites with a twist.

Beyond dining at Negril’s hotels and resorts, Rick's Café is considered the first public bar and restaurant in the area and sits atop a 35-foot cliff. People come for the views and stay for the food. The main pull for patrons from all over the globe is the stunning sunset scene and series of thrilling elevated dive spots, topped off by tasty eats. Just Natural Veggie & Seafood Restaurant is another long-standing establishment on the West End that has been serving up vegetarian and seafood dishes since 1998. 

Chicken Lavish and Murphy’s are modest restaurants that specialize in bringing the island flavor via classic Jamaican meals. Ciao Jamaica finds a balance by plating a mix of Italian and Jamaican cuisine presented on a sea view terrace. Soft, swaying background music travels through the inviting atmosphere as taste buds are taken on a savory trip.

There is definitely no shortage of dining options of any kind in Negril. Sampling loads of abutting restaurants can be a relaxing way to rack up your daily steps and feel a little less guilty while indulging on vacation. Enjoy culinary selections from east to west, literally!