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Port Antonio

Dreaming of Port Antonio

For a glimpse into Jamaica's rich history, head to Port Antonio, the island's original tourist destination - the playground and private hideaway of the rich and famous. it's unparalleled beauty of mountainous coastline that give way to hidden coves and quiet beaches that led Errol Flynn, Ian Flemming and Noel Coward, to describe Port Antonio as ‘heaven on earth'.  

A port town, nestled between twin harbours on the island's northeast bend, where mist-shrouded mountains slope down to the sea, Port Antonio lives up to its reputation as the 'most lovely port on earth'. Home to the world-class Errol Flynn Marina, Port Antonio's natural attractions, magnificent beaches, and a variety of land excursions make Port Antonio the ideal cruise or yachting destination to explore Jamaica's natural beauty, history and culture.

The Trident Castle seated on the peninsula in the bay of Port Antonio against the backdrop of scenic views of the Caribbean Sea and spectacular mountain views is the perfect backdrop for your romance, so get ready to come back to romantic.  No trip to Port Antonio is complete without a visit to the famous Frenchman's Cove! Take the plunge in the cool river waters that run into the warm Caribbean Sea or immortalize your visit on the famous swing against the Cove's striking background of lush vegetation and aqua waters for the perfect selfie.

Visit Somerset Falls, located on a former plantation, or explore the depths of the Blue Lagoon renowned for its stunning, deep blue waters, fed by the Caribbean Sea and underground springs. Take a drive out to the beautiful Winifred Beach or visit the iconic Reach Falls, where you can swim in emerald pools and discover hidden caves and come back to refreshing. Get inspired at GeeJam and unleash your creativity or just come back to tranquility, the laid-back vibe of Jamaica and to your best self. 

Port Antonio is a true nature retreat, with so much to discover. Come explore all it has to offer and come back to curious.

Port Antonio

What to Know

Port Antonio is one of the most famous get-aways for celebrities. Here are a couple of things to know; from facts to handy tips, what clothes to pack and what you shouldn’t leave without seeing.

Facts about Port Antonio:

1. Jamaica has a tropical climate, with a wet season from May to November, which coincides with the hurricane season,
and a dry season from December to April. Whatever the season, summer clothes suit the beautiful Jamaica best.

2. It is the island's third largest port, a shipping point for both bananas and coconuts.

3. This part of the island is featured in many famous Hollywood films such as Club Paradise and Cocktail, and is often pictured
as the ‘ideal paradise escape’.

4. If you’re a budding photographer, this is certainly a place to take your camera. It is known by photographers all around the    world as the most idyllic and scenic place to shoot. Capture Jamaica at It’s finest!

5. Try the famous Bush Bar restaurant for a bit of ‘high-dining’ done island style. A true Port Antonio treat.

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