Somerset Falls

Somerset Falls in Portland is a picturesque destination with cascading waterfalls and natural pools surrounded by lush greenery. The falls were once part of an indigo and spice plantation, and the original mill house and other structures from the 1800s still stand. This natural attraction can be easily found in Hope Bay along the highway main road.

Ride a small boat along the narrow river to get up close to the 32-foot cascade. Be amazed at the power of the thundering falls and take a swim in the deep rock pools below. With a swimming pool and waterslide onsite, as well as a restaurant and bar, Somerset Falls is an ideal spot for families to enjoy a day of fun together. Your tour guide will share the history and significance of the falls that make the spot such a special place. 

Come back to enchantment at this beautiful destination for a romantic getaway. The natural rock pools and grotto hidden behind the misty curtain of the falls are a dreamy and intimate setting for a lovers’ escape. Stroll hand in hand through the verdant gardens, as you take in the beauty of the falls. Somerset Falls is certainly a treasure worth exploring. Its natural beauty, history, and unique features make it an unforgettable destination.