Island Gully Falls

Up in the hills above Ocho Rios, the waters of the White River feed the beautiful Island Gully Falls, also called ‘Blue Hole’ because of the mesmerizing colour of the mineral pools. Explore the winding road that leads to this enchanting spot with electric-blue mineral-rich waters. In addition to other stunning water body hues in Jamaica, such as at Blue Lagoon and Glistening Waters, at Island Gully Falls  you'll experience some of the bluest water you’ve probably ever seen! Are you brave enough to climb the lower cliffs and jump off into the water pools below? Stand beneath the cascades to feel the force of the gushing waters.

Discover walking trails run alongside flowing streams and emerald-green fauna. Learn the history of the area, once part of a sugar plantation. Ruins of the original structure offer glimpses into the bygone colonial era. It's not just the history that captivates you; the falls are also a sanctuary for a diverse array of native flora and fauna. Tropical birds flutter and call from among the branches and the vibrant flowers bloom in in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Enjoy a picnic by the tranquil waters in the serenity of this natural wonder. A tour guide can lead you over the rocky grounds and across makeshift bridges to explore the property. Whether you're looking for relaxation or exhilaration, your best self will thank you for an unforgettable experience at Island Gully Falls.