Lime Cay


Fifteen minutes by boat from Port Royal is a small, low-lying island cay with one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. The largest of the many small cays off the coast of Port Royal, Lime Cay is uninhabitable by humans because it is occasionally submerged when the tide comes in. Lime Cay has been the source of many scams and hoaxes whereby the cay is “sold” to unsuspecting buyers as a potential location for a private resort. Don’t be fooled, Lime Cay is a part of Jamaica, and the beaches there are public and open to all who can get out there.
Local Flavour: 
On Sundays, Lime Cay is the favourite beach getaway for city folk, many of whom moor their boats at the Morgan’s Harbour Marina and sail out for the afternoon with lunch and refreshments, since there are no facilities on the island. From Morgan’s Harbour, a shuttle or boat rental for the day can be arranged, but for the intrepid visitors, a small fee will convince a fisherman in the town of Port Royal to give you a ride to the island in the morning and return for you in the evening.
Famous For: 
Sunday afternoon limes on Lime Cay are very popular among Kingstonians. On weekdays clothing-optional sunbathing is acceptable since there, in all likelihood, will be no one around. On Sundays, however, the tone and temperament changes completely, as the tiny island pulsates with life, laughter and good times.
Don't Miss:
Some of the best snorkelling on the south-east coast of Jamaica can be done around Lime Cay and the other small islands nearby.

Say Hello To:
Wave at passengers in Air Jamaica planes! Lime Cay is nearby the Norman Manley International Airport, so you can toast the low-flying aircrafts as they arrive or depart Jamaica.