dine, island style

From fusion food to haute cuisine, regional favorites, and some very special unique dishes, let us give you a taste of our Jamaica, in true island style.

Jamaica is an exotic destination for any foodie, especially one with an experimental palate, and a feeling for style. Our hybrid blend of worldly flavors with indigenous spices will introduce your taste buds to festive Caribbean fare.

Where 5 star menus meet rustic island spices, brace yourself for an eclectic dining opportunity you can only experience in sweet Jamaica. For starters, maybe a creamy pumpkin soup or fried filo curry goat samosa will entice you? How about a guava glazed roasted pork or granola and herb crusted fish fillet with coconut saffron cream for an entrée? Have you ever eaten a Jamaican rum cream cheese cake or a home-made tropical sorbet? Anticipate a celebration on your tongue in the guise of three or more courses of diverse and delectable treats in Jamaica!  


From farm to table, our island’s bountiful agricultural sector enables fresh local produce all year round. Prepared by the very capable hands of acclaimed local chefs, expect skillfully crafted plates, tantalizing your sense of sight, smell and taste. Dining Jamaican style will grant you outstanding fusion dishes and exquisite helpings that your palate will truly savor.

Not limited to the confines of a hotel restaurant, you can dine on a private pristine beach, atop the cool hill-side overlooking a stunning view or even reserve an intimate dinner in a cave. Whichever you choose, you’ll be enchanted by the service, elegance and superb ambience available on the island of All Right.

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