Getting Engaged in Jamaica

An exciting yet nerve-wracking life event awaits: the moment when you and your partner declare a mutual desire to spend the rest of your days together. On the beautiful island of Jamaica, you can easily create a dreamy proposal that will become your reality. What could be more romantic than getting engaged in the middle of the Caribbean amidst a matching sea and sky?

Picture a shocked smile and glossy eyes filled with joy as a precious token of love is presented. Picture the enchanting story that will accompany the good news to be shared with your loved ones. Picture it all, right here on our breathtaking island.

There are countless scenic sites in Jamaica for you to plan the perfect proposal. From lush green landscapes to coastal…

Popping the Question

An ideal proposal is painted as a different picture unique to each couple. Your romantic getaway can easily turn into just the special moment you’ve been waiting for to ask the big question. Even an unsuspecting date can be anything but regular when covered in an ambiance that only true island beauty can create.

Many proposals are preceded by a romantic table for two, and in Jamaica you can choose from fine dining restaurants in mountains with the city at your feet, or on the wispy sands of one of our iconic beaches. The range of beautiful places to propose in Jamaica makes it easy to feel the love almost anywhere! As important as ambiance is to a place’s amorousness, it’s not the only necessary factor for stirring bliss. Romantic places in Jamaica possess natural splendour and their own exceptional charm.

Though you can’t pick flowers that mirror the loveliness of your intended, being surrounded by spreads of flora at venues like Ahh Ras Natango, Hope Gardens, and the Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park effortlessly center your unity with colorful confetti. The peace of a river is emulated while rafting on the Martha Brae or Rio Grande, creating an illusion of time slowing down just for you two. Proclaim your love from the mountaintops (literally) in the fresh air of our Blue Mountains. Strawberry Hill has been graced by multiple elite public figures over the years, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be honored by your engagement. Clifton Mount is a historic coffee estate few get to visit, which boasts a flourishing garden. 

Wherever you go, capture the event with in-the-moment engagement photos taken by a skilled photographer to memorialize this occasion.

Engagement Celebrations

Once the magical moment is accomplished and the engagement is established, enhance accompanying occasions by hosting them here in Jamaica. Create a dream-come-true experience for yourselves and guests with pre-wedding events like a bachelor/bachelorette party or bridal shower that takes place on our island. 

Consider letting the warmth of our people also fire up your wedding and honeymoon plans. The island’s natural beauty, diverse offerings, and wedding resources make creating a destination wedding a breeze! Our unofficial motto is ‘No Problem’ for a reason, after all.

The country of Jamaica isn’t just widely acclaimed as a top vacation, wedding, and honeymoon destination. It is also a cherished space in the hearts of many that have said yes to forever here; join them, in Jamaica.

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