Vendors & Services

What a dreamy time in your life. You’ve said yes to the biggest question ever and now you’re looking forward to the big day. It will be everything you’ve ever hoped for as you’ve chosen the enchanting island nation of Jamaica to host your destination wedding.

You made the right choice. Jamaica is a phenomenal place to get married. The lifelong memories you create here stand to strengthen your bond and endear your guests. Our island is full of wedding experts who will deliver every intricate detail you request to complete your perfect day.

If you love planning events, then you’ll love all the options here to explore! Choose from breathtaking backdrops, dazzling decor, scrumptious bites, and an ambiance to remember. If event planning isn’t your thing, relax and trust our experienced wedding professionals to produce an event beyond your wildest dreams.

Wedding Planners

There are so many particulars to consider when it comes to planning a wedding. A destination wedding puts just a little extra on that list. Thankfully, you’ve chosen a superior location that is known for stress-free, expertly crafted events.

There’s a wonderful abundance of wedding planners on the island to choose from with lots of dreamy ideas to help you craft a magnificent day. They will help you to find your perfect island gown, select a caterer according to your wishes, and a cake specialist who will design a beautiful centerpiece wedding cake that’s as decadent as it is divine.

The accommodating wedding planners at I Do Islands will help you to navigate getting married in Jamaica and planning a flawless event. So too will Wedding Belles and the sought-after folks at Helen G Events, to a name just a few of the options.

Choosing a wedding planner who has seen and done it all will also help you decide on a wedding venue that speaks to your vision, budget, and needs.

Wedding Vendors

You’ve certainly chosen a destination filled with charming entertainers and rousing DJs who will deliver a party you’ll never forget. Your wedding planner will help you choose a playlist speckled with groovy island tunes to set the tone for your special day, while also ensuring your special songs are in the mix too.

Capturing every special moment will be one of our acclaimed visual artists who will snap every photo and record every look, kiss, and dance. You’ll end the day with the perfect keepsake of your memories in Jamaica to share with your loved ones. The award-winning Merrick Cousely is just one of the top-rated wedding photographers here in Jamaica who will deliver absolutely magical moments.

Enlist the services of local florists and decor specialists for amazing transformations of any space to bring your wedding vision to life. Make it a luxe affair dripping with details, or go for a minimalist approach with subtle natural touches.

Picture dancing the night away under the twinkling stars of a balmy island night. Kissing your newly wedded love as you see the reflection of the moon in their eyes and hear the waves of the ocean breaking softly in the background. We’ve done all the planning for you, come to Jamaica and begin the love of a lifetime.

Wedding Catering

An important element of any wedding reception is the food chosen to please the palates throughout the occasion. For a special event like this, which typically lasts for most of a day, nourishment for the newlyweds and their loved ones greatly influences the tone of a wedding. Catering in Jamaica is a large business, and there are a plethora of options that can cater to guest lists of all sizes. Destination weddings are often tended to by trusted food caterers in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril, and Kingston.

Many hotels and independent caterers in Jamaica will happily help to provide extravagant cakes and delicious dishes to complete the rehearsal dinner, wedding day reception, and everything in between. With such variety within the local food scene, there is no shortage of wedding catering services in Jamaica. Have you ever wondered why Jamaica is considered a gastronomy haven? It is not only due to the abundance of eateries or nutrition cultivated by our tropical climate, but also because of the island-style cooking mastered by our gifted chefs.

What plates will you present to your special guests for a true taste of Jamaica? You can’t go wrong when choosing Jamaican wedding caterers!

Wedding Cakes

What kind of cake will you and yours enjoy feeding each other before a soft kiss as a newly married couple? In the country of Jamaica, where we are globally praised for our fresh flavors and extraordinary taste, getting a yummy wedding cake made for your special day is quite simple.

Modern day baked goods have become more customizable and intricate to help meet the vision of a happy couple starting on their journey of marriage. Wedding cakes in Jamaica are designed by some of the finest pastry chefs around. Desserts made in the heartbeat of the world are baked with the added ingredient of love sweetening the batter. From the moist morsels to the delectable icing, every detail of a cake’s creation is a part of a special craft. How do you picture your perfect Jamaica wedding cake would look as it sits on its sparkling glassware platform for must-have photo ops?

Our talented bakers are accustomed to satisfying the sweet teeth of masses, with experience catering to large parties, corporate events, and of course wedding ceremonies. Have your edible centerpiece specially fashioned, designed to last—in memory, plus tropical environs—and freshly delivered to you in sweet Jamaica!

Wedding Dresses

Along with choosing the venue, catering, and décor, one of the key selections during wedding planning is the outfits, especially for women. Before saying ‘I do’, brides-to-be have to say yes to dresses that fit their unique style and vision. The first look at the bride and her bridesmaids walking the wedding day aisle in breathtaking dresses is a hallmark ceremony moment that guests (and the groom) eagerly look forward to.

Brides from all over the globe trust bridal stores in Jamaica to find exquisite dresses that are designed in such a way that feels perfectly tailored for them. Finding stunning bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns in Jamaica not only helps to support our residents, but also stitches a distinct experience into this cherished piece from your destination wedding! In addition to gorgeous garments by world-renowned names, choices of Jamaica wedding dresses by local coveted designers are available at bridal shops in Jamaica. Bliss Bridal Boutique is one of the most popular bridal stores in Kingston, and is a love child birthed by a married couple after their own wedding journey.

Adorn some of your favorite ladies with a captivating creation from a one-of-a-kind destination: the heartbeat of the world!

Bliss Bridal Boutique is Jamaica’s premier bridal salon. They work with not only local brides but destination brides and brides from…

Florists & Décor

Design your dream wedding by adding your choice of flowers, lighting, crystalware, custom furniture and displays, and more! Transform any venue into a one-of-a-kind experience, from simple to lavish, with decorators like HOF Décor, MC Rentals, Every Blooming Thing, and Tai Flora. Work with a team of some of the best event designers and fabricators that combine colors, textures, furnishings, and plants to create a custom atmosphere that mirrors the nature of your union. Many personalized items act as memorable keepsakes that can be reused in future events, or just admired as sentimental pieces.

Wedding Entertainment

During an occasion as significant as your wedding day, the last thing you would want is a dull moment. Create an even more memorable wedding experience in the heartbeat of the world, with entertainment that will keep the tongues of guests wagging zealously for years to come!

Besides the anticipated ‘I do’ moment, the memorable highlights at the forefront of people’s minds lie in the entertainment. Jamaica entertainment resources cover masters of ceremonies, music, performances, activities, and whatever else your hearts may desire. Our vibrant culture has birthed and influenced multiple genres of music, enthusiastic dance moves, and a one-of-a-kind vibe. You can bet your guests will be feeling the island rhythm, whether they are coordinating props in a photo booth, busting a move on your personalized dance floor, or perhaps taking in a fireworks display. You can even do something as unique and special as adorning a beautiful moment with Fruit Hill Butterflies; a colorful, eye-catching, and environmentally friendly way to commemorate the beginning of this lovely journey. 

There’s absolutely no reason why your wedding should fall short of expectations in any way; it is one of the best days of your life after all. Let the reception almost take care of itself with the help of entertainment services in Jamaica.


From the nuptial ceremony to the lively reception, no one ever wants a dull moment during their special day. Opt to hire a lively master of ceremonies or a full band to keep your loved ones in tune with every aspect of the occasion. Whether they’re toasting, snapping fun photos in a customized booth, or shimmying the night away on an embellished dance floor, seek the attractive services of music entities like 876 Sounds and Jamaica Wedding DJ.

Photographers & Videographers

Our small island boasts a number of published behind-the-lens professionals, awarded and praised highly by couples in the wedding sphere, such as Digital Video Concept, Walters Weddings, Zuluspro, and Merrick Cousley to name a few. Weddings in Jamaica are truly magical experiences you want to relive over and over again. Get every unforgettable moment immortalized with timeless visuals by visionary photographers and videographers.