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Discover many of the community experiences you can enjoy here in Jamaica.

Jamaica is a vibrant and beautiful island country that has become known around the world for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine. However, there is so much more to Jamaica than just its tourist hotspots. Community tourism is a unique and growing industry in Jamaica that offers visitors an opportunity to explore the island in a more meaningful and authentic way.

Community tourism in Jamaica is based on the principles of sustainability and where visitors have the opportunity to connect with the local community and learn about the customs and traditions. Unlike traditional tourism, which often focuses on the resorts and beaches and well-known attractions, community tourism in Jamaica offers visitors an opportunity to see the island from a different perspective. Visitors can engage with local residents, learn about their daily life, and experience the rich cultural heritage of Jamaica.

The community tourism industry in Jamaica has been growing rapidly in recent years, as more and more visitors seek out unique and meaningful travel experiences through a wide range of activities, such as exploring natural landscapes, participating in cultural events, trying local cuisine, and learning traditional skills. Visitors can join drumming circles, participate in traditional cooking classes, learn about the nature based rastafarian way of life and even the history of the island's indigenous people, the Taino.

In addition to providing visitors with this more authentic travel experience, community tourism in Jamaica also has significant economic benefits for the local communities. Visitors will directly support the local economy, helping to create jobs and promote sustainable development. This type of tourism also helps to preserve Jamaica's natural environment, by encouraging visitors to engage in environmentally responsible activities and supporting conservation efforts.

Come and discover the beauty and wonder of Jamaica through community tourism!