Island Activities

Experiences like no other

Step outside the resort and into a world of adventure with these Top 10 activities in Jamaica. 

1. Waterfalls & Beaches
The island of Jamaica teems with rivers and waterfalls, several pouring their bounty into the beautiful and picturesque Caribbean Sea. Nature has sought to make several of the waterfalls accessible in sloping steps or gentle tiers. Pools form below cascading water, a natural water park beckoning exploration. Should the beach be your preference, then soft white sand and gentle rolling waves await. Bring your suntan lotion and towel; we'll save a beach chair just for you.

2. Music & Entertainment
Jamaica is the cultural capital of the Caribbean. The island is known for its reggae music, art scene, fashion extravaganzas, galleries, museums and, of course, the vibrant nightlife. Pack your dancing shoes and get a rhythm in your step. There’s so much to see and do in Jamaica!

3. Hikes in the Mountains & Valleys
Jamaica's topography lends itself to unique hiking and biking trails. Whether through the majestic mountains, the undulating hills of the Cockpit Country or the mist laden valleys, the vistas in Jamaica are never replicated. Pick an Otaheiti apple or mango along the way. Refresh your feet in the cooling streams. Up for an adventure? Switch those city shoes for some hiking boots.

4. Plantation Tours & Great Houses
Jamaica's history is steeped in sweet – sugar that is. Majestic plantations and great houses tell of that era. Listen to the stories that cover more than 350 years of written history and take a peek into our past. Hop on a jitney, sample fresh fruit from the land and meet the personalities who have made this island a truly phenomenal nation.

5. Equestrian Activities
Jamaica has had a long and proud heritage in equestrian activities from horseracing at Caymanas Park to showjumping and polo competitions at the island’s main polo clubs. Not a competitive sportsman? Don't worry. There are gentle lessons at stables, horseback riding adventures through the countryside and ocean adventures on horseback. Saddle up and choose your ride.

6. Caves
Search the depths of the limestone caverns that The Tainos (native Amerindians who occupied the island before the arrival of the Europeans) used for their ceremonies and pirates used as hideouts for their booty. Brave winding passageways and large underground pools tell tales of a time gone by. Jamaica's caves are still yielding their secrets. What will you discover?

7. Adventure Tours
Take advantage of Jamaica's spectacular views in the blink of an eye on a zipline as you swish by. Drift up to a croc's lair on the Black River or swim with rays, sharks and dolphins. Ride a bobsled or sleigh without snow. If you're up for an adventure, Jamaica has got a lot in store for you.

8. Bamboo Rafting
Sail down a real river on bamboo? Yes! We’ve been doing it for years! Ride with a companion down the curves and turns of several of the island's rivers. Don't worry. We’ll also make sure that you have your own captain to do all the “hard work” while you have fun.

9. Bird Watching
Even the winged friends recognize Jamaica as a haven. Jamaica is known to have 65 species of birds which live and nest on the island. Of this number, 28 species and 21 subspecies of birds are found nowhere else on earth. Travel to see their favourite spots in the Blue Mountains and on Jamaica's south coast. Some will even come to you, or join you on the terrace for breakfast.

10. Off-Road Motor Activities
Whether it’s a ride on an ATV for two, a safari in a 4X4 or being part of the crowd at the many motorsports events that take place throughout the year, there’s always some action in Jamaica. Watch Jamaica compete against other Caribbean neighbours for the title of Rally Champion. Come for the thrill and be part of the experience!