Places to Propose in Jamaica

There are countless scenic sites in Jamaica for you to plan the perfect proposal. From lush green landscapes to coastal powders by the deep blue and breathtaking views on the top of a hill. Find a romantic spot on the island that takes your partner’s breath away, but leaves just enough to utter ‘yes’ when you ask the all-important question. Propose in Jamaica to make the engagement story you’ll share with friends and family an extraordinary one with some added island flair!

The country of Jamaica has many sides to it, including developed city scenes, heavenly unspoiled lands, and charming countryside. Mapping a proposal from fantasy to reality has little limitations here in the heartbeat of the world.

On Land

You have awesome options to propose—within the likes of a cavern illuminated by dozens of lit candles or on the grounds of a botanical garden adorned with fluttering wildlife. On a clear day, you may want to venture high and soak up bird’s-eye views in the wafting mist of the Blue and John Crow Mountains

Romantic restaurants in Jamaica range from casual spots boasting a view to sophisticated fine dining establishments. If imagining a sweetheart meal with the final course being an engagement announcement, enjoy a table for two at one of the many unique dining experiences found islandwide. A lighthouse where the sky and sea share a kiss, complete with a meal and live music sounds like a perfect afternoon, don’t you think?

In the Air

Be amongst the clouds—or at least what may feel like them—at a dreamy location where you’ll reach new heights. If you ever pictured a flying proposal, Jamaica offers options for that! Imagine meeting your partner with a ring at the end of an exhilarating zip line ride through the forest or above a waterfall. Get higher when paragliding from the rolls of a green hill to sway in the island breeze onto the sands of Treasure Beach, or from a small boat to the blue skies above the sapphire sheet of sea waves. Find yourself on cloud nine as you explore from a whole new perspective and marvel at the mountainous topography from a domestic airplane ride or helicopter tour.

On Water

Jamaica is well known for stunning coastlines. Get on bended knee on the sparkly sands of an iconic beach like Frenchman’s Cove or Doctor’s Cave. If staying at an all-inclusive resort, check for watersports amenities that you could also consider. Will the highlight of your trip be during a parasail, windsurf, or kayak adventure for two, complete with a grand romantic gesture?

Add some unpredictability to the proposal with an outside excursion like easygoing river tubing, an idyllic bamboo raft ride, or on a reveling catamaran cruise. A simple glass-bottom boat ride lined with a window to underwater life can be made over-the-top at a natural glistening phenomenon

The possibilities for proposing in Jamaica are almost endless! Plan your proposal here for an unforgettable start to your wedding story.

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