Food For The Palate; Food For The Soul

A taste of Jamaica

Jamaica is known for white sandy beaches and reggae music but it’s our food that draws us together. Gather round our table and taste our most beloved dishes.  

  1. Jerk: Jamaica’s signature flavour is one of a kind! Earthy spices, aromatics and a burst of heat from fiery Scotch Bonnet peppers make jerk a must-eat dish on your visit. Try it in any of its varieties whether on meat or seafood, even in unusual desserts!
  2. Patty: Eaten by everyone and at any time of day, the Jamaican patty is a favourite of our culinary scene. Try a hot one with a fresh cocoa bread and a cold Ting for the ultimate relief on a hot summer’s day. 
  3. Ting: This carbonated beverage packs the tartness and sweetness of grapefruit into a bottle, a delicious and refreshing taste of Jamaica.
  4. Steamed Fish: As an island it’s no surprise we love seafood. Be sure to try steamed fish, cooked in a savoury coconut milk sauce with herbs, spices, and vegetables. 
  5. Oxtail: Seasoned oxtail cooked till tender in an array of spices and broad beans and served with our traditional rice and peas is a dish that Jamaica knows and loves. Try it and you may find that you’ll fall in love as well. 
  6. Curried Goat: Taking cues from the Indian elements of Jamaica’s heritage, this succulent dish where the goat meat (mutton) is immersed in spices and curry, is typically served with steamed white rice.  
  7. Rice and peas: Rice and peas is the combination of red kidney beans and rice cooked to perfection in coconut milk, fresh herbs like scallion and thyme, and spicy Scotch Bonnet peppers. The result is a delightful side dish that serves as the ideal accompaniment to many of Jamaica’s popular meat dishes. 
  8. Run down: Salted mackerel reduced in coconut milk with fresh local herbs and spices, an unlikely but delicious combination that must be had to be appreciated. 
  9. Escoveitch Fish: Julienne peppers, carrots and, onions are pickled in a vinegar and salt combination that creates a light sauce typically served with freshly fried fish. 
  10. Ackee and Saltfish: Jamaica’s national dish is a must-try dish on any visit to the island. Ackee, Jamaica’s national fruit,  is sautéed with salt fish (cod) fish, onions, tomato, sweet pepper, and other seasonings after being boiled. This colourful combination is often mistaken for scrambled eggs but is most assuredly a far more savoury and delicious dish. It is often served with fried or boiled dumplings, ground provisions and fried sweet plantains.