Romantic Getaways

There are different reasons why Jamaica is regarded as the heartbeat of the world, one of them being its romantic flair. When you think of love, the first thoughts that may surface could be roses, candlelit dinners, and soft music. Enhance that illustration with lovebird additions of a choir conducted by Mother Nature, soothing sights of an enchanting Caribbean landscape, and gentle massages of island breeze. 

Whether dating, married, or getting ready to take your relationship to another level, a couple craving a passionate getaway should look no further than the sweetheart shores of Jamaica.

Romantic Places to Stay in Jamaica

A dreamy vacation starts with a romantic hotel. The warmth of our people, plus the tremendous beauty of our natural surroundings are sure to suit your desires. Wake up in paradise at a beachfront destination, a mountainous scene way above sea level, or perhaps a relaxing resort within a lively city. 

Stone Harbour’s fully staffed private villa awaits, where your biggest decision may be whether to relax in the jacuzzi or swim in the pool or ocean. Other alluring accommodation options include Somewhere West with its cliffside infinity pool, and the all-inclusive Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa on a championship golf course. These are just a few of the many places to stay in Jamaica that will bring your imagination to life.

Romantic Dates in Jamaica

Though our accommodations are impressive, add some island spice to your vacation with a special date. How will you two spend your days in paradise? When not out on an excursion, enjoy the distinct taste that only a meal graced by Jamaican culinary skills and flavors can offer.

Pick a table for two from a variety of dining options in our gastronomic haven. Fine dining restaurants brimming with delectable food and exquisite atmosphere sit at your fingertips. If you’d like a more easygoing setting with just as much intimacy, enjoy meals in a garden cut by river, on a hillside farm, in a cave, or by the seaside served in dutchpots.

Honeymoon in Jamaica

Besides being the ultimate destination for romantic occasions such as engagements, weddings, and anniversary milestones, Jamaica is a fantastic choice for a memorable honeymoon. You can easily transition from your special wedding day to a blissful honeymoon getaway in Jamaica.

Beautiful places to celebrate and revel in your newly founded matrimony abound throughout the island. It would be hard to deny a lifetime of happiness when it begins in such an irresistible location. Honeymoon activities and attractions range from the adventurous to the relaxing. Glide down the Martha Brae River on a raft for a gentle ride where you can embrace in the loveseat, or get your heart pounding at Dunn’s River Falls with ziplining above the falls before you frolic in the waters together. Take your pick of shopping and nightlife or art and cultural attractions to make lasting memories that might just spark a new tradition and bring you back to Jamaica again and again. 

No matter your unique definition of romance, you and your sweetheart will experience pure love here in the islands.