Where To Stay For Romance

Take a moment to picture you and your mate; now imagine a blissful location for the two of you to enjoy. How about wandering hand in hand under an amber sunset as the seashore massages your soles? Maybe followed by cuddling in a cozy room before slipping into soothing slumber while the sea sings. Deciding where to stay together will ultimately set the tone of a romantic retreat. Visit the heartbeat of the world to find yourselves embraced by the warmth of Jamaica’s hospitality.

Best Places to Stay in Jamaica for Couples

Every couple has different ideals, luckily Jamaica offers an assortment of unique experiences. Take your pick from the water-rich coastal city of Ocho Rios, vibrancy of Montego Bay, easygoing resort-clad Negril, and the diverse metropolis of Kingston. Whether at a beachfront all-inclusive resort or a charming boutique hotel, you both will be sure to fall in love with the magic of the island.

Couples-Only Resorts in Jamaica

Book a resort that caters to the intrinsic desires of pairs, where the focus is to enrich your mutual bond. Everything is made ideal for two at couples-only resorts like the honeymoon havens Sandals Negril and Couples Negril. Check off bucket lists together while on and off hotel grounds through an assortment of amenities and guided excursions. With no shortage of extraordinary experiences in the country of Jamaica, you’ll definitely learn new ways to enjoy one another.

All-Inclusive Resorts in Jamaica for Couples

What seems like an endless amount of meal and beverage options and exciting events are all just one reservation away. The biggest worry you’ll probably have at a Jamaican all-inclusive resort is deciding which activities to do daily. At the Breathless Montego Bay Resort & Spa, you can relax completely with wait service at your choice of the sandy shore or poolside, or head out to the open sea for watersports. Be close to the local city buzz at hotel chain RIU Ocho Rios Resort, where you would never have to venture far for additional excitement—not that it’s needed—thanks to their lively, convenient location.

Private Getaways for Couples in Jamaica

Seeking an experience that’s a little more exclusive? Learn the true meaning of island time on your own slice of paradise at a boutique hotel or luxurious villa. Imagine where you’d like to watch the sun and moon dance: raise your glasses on a hill overlooking more than a mile of private shores at the Tryall Club, or be serenaded by the Caribbean Sea at Bluefields Bay Villas while you dine on a meal prepared by your private chef.

A cozy beach cottage off the beaten path awaits you at Strawberry Fields Together on the eastern portion of the island, as well as a comfortable lodge on the Negril cliffs at Somewhere West Negril. In more ways than one, the possibilities are great! If you absolutely can’t choose between an extravagant hotel and intimate getaway, you have the option to enjoy the privacy of a villa plus the features of a resort at Hermosa Cove in Ocho Rios.

No matter where you stay in Jamaica, you’ll find passion. Create new memories together on our small island where excitement and adventure are never far away.