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Hey there, need some help? We are just one email away. When it comes to matters of the heart, unique queries and custom requests are par for the course. We’ll be delighted to help you make all your dreams come true

It’s well known that in Jamaica, service comes with a smile. We’re easy going over in these parts, and no request is too big or too small. We know you want to make your romantic occasion as special as it can be and we have some great ideas that will take your vision and make it spectacular.

What can we help you to plan? Perhaps you’d like to pop the question in the most romantic place this side of the tropics? Let's make it extra special for you two. Thinking about selecting Jamaica as your destination wedding location? You’ve come to the right place. 

Your ideas paired with our years spent delivering fairytales of every kind will fuse together to prepare the perfect getaway, tailored uniquely to you.

Wendy The Love Guru

If there's one thing we take seriously here on the island; it's love. Wendy, our resident Love Guru, is here to help you plan the perfect wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica. There are lots of ideas and options for all budgets and tastes, to make your special day, magical. Tweet and meet Wendy here @myheartbeatsja to start planning. You'll soon see how easy it is to make your dreams come true.


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