Island Experiences

Life Changing Activities

The very best vacations are the ones where you create memories that last a lifetime. These memories are made by experiencing your destination in its most authentic form. Take away the very best Jamaican experiences by mixing as many of these exploits as possible into your holiday.

Meet the People

We are colorful, friendly, warm, and inviting. We are bold, happy-go-lucky, and always the life of the party. The people of Jamaica are the charm of this island and will make your holiday incredible. Take a walking tour or head out into the communities and spend some time with us.

Dance Like a Jamaican 

Jamaicans love to dance. Music is the heartbeat of our island paradise and can often be heard off in the distance in every corner of Jamaica. Connect with Jamaicans at their core by seizing an opportunity to dance, whether at a street party, local nightclub, or on the beach with your bartender or vendors selling fish or local crafts. It’s the best way to make friends and create amazing memories.

Eat Like a Jamaican

Sample the very best of Jamaican cuisine by strolling through our markets and trying new things. Look for exotic fruits such as guava, otaheite apple, naseberry, and June plum. Stop by vendors selling street eats such as red peas soup, fried fish and festivals, or jerk chicken. Take back a bottle of authentic jerk chicken sauce with you. It’s good on veggies, fish, and meat.

Learn a Few Patois Words

Our local dialect is quite colorful and fun, a beautiful way to connect with Jamaicans worldwide. Start with one of our favorite greetings, “wah gwaan?” which is Jamaican for “what’s up?”

Try Our Rum

Jamaica is home to several award-winning rums, perhaps most famous of them all is our Appleton Estate Rum. Be sure to tour the beautiful grounds where this rum is produced. You’ll learn its history and have the opportunity to sample the entire line.

Chase Waterfalls

The extensive and varied terrain of our small tropical island includes not only spectacular beaches, but incredibly vibrant mountain ranges sporting rivers, waterfalls, and caves to explore. Go inland to climb a few waterfalls and swim in incredibly clear natural swimming pools. If climbing falls aren’t your thing, then take a leisurely bamboo raft ride down one of our serene rivers to experience nature at it’s finest or perhaps spot a crocodile or two.

Catch a Game

We’re a competitive people and sports are one area where Jamaica shines. Whether you’re participating in a game, attending one, or simply viewing a game at a bar, the atmosphere will be, as we say in Jamaica, “full a vibes!” Hit a round of golf on our immaculate greens, watch a football game with a Red Stripe beer in hand, or play a game of dominoes in a local bar for an amazing time.

Go to a Reggae Concert

If you’re a music fan then you must attend a reggae concert or festival in the birthplace of this popular genre of music. The energy is like no other and we have many events to keep you entertained.

Try Blue Mountain Coffee at the Source

We prize our precious Blue Mountain Coffee, an award-winning coffee made right here in the highest peak of the land. There are several reasons to head to the Blue Mountains, whether to hike to the top to catch the sunrise, bike the trails through the hillside, or simply catch a ride to sip the coffee and enjoy the lush scenery, it’s definitely worth the trip.

Watch the Sunset in Negril

Negril, the most western point of Jamaica, is known as the capital of casual and is home to our famous stretch of powder-soft Seven Mile Beach. Take your shoes off and stroll the beach at sunset to catch the brilliantly red, pink, and orange hues streak across the sky.


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