Best of Jamaica
Best of Jamaica

Best of Jamaica

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When you think of Jamaica, you probably think of swimming in gorgeous tropical beaches, rocking to groovy reggae music, and sampling spicy jerk dishes. The vibe and beauty of our island offers an adventurous and laid-back lifestyle that you’ll love to experience. To get you started, we’ve gathered the best of Jamaica for you to explore.

Why Visit Jamaica?

There’s no place quite like the land of wood and water. The astounding beauty and diversity of our landscape paired with the welcoming smiles and colorful language of our people keep visitors enthralled with Jamaica. This is the place to visit when you want to reset, recharge, and relax. This is also the place to visit when you’re in search of adventure and romance. And this is definitely the place for non-stop fun. Find out more about all the reasons you should visit Jamaica soon.

The Best Activities

From sunrise to way beyond sunset, there’s something exhilarating to do, see, and experience in Jamaica. Our favorite activities will help you to plan the ultimate stay. We’ve picked out the most exciting, relaxing, inspiring, and breathtaking Jamaican attractions for you to enjoy, whatever your mood. Plan your itinerary with all the best Jamaican activities to guarantee yourself a whopping good time.

The Best Experiences

There are some things you can only experience here in Jamaica and we’ve highlighted our top picks. Taste our spiced rums, learn our dialect, and try out our dances as they make their way onto the streets. The sway of your hips as the steady beat of the reggae drums pulsate through you is something that just feels sensationally different in Jamaica.

The Best Events

So, what are the best events in Jamaica to attend? Well, it depends on what you’re into. In Jamaica, you can catch that zen vibe as you immerse yourself into a wellness retreat that often features yoga and meditation, farm fresh food, amazing sunsets, and good vibes only. You can also attend events to check out the best in Caribbean fashion or island-style weddings while here.

We boast an outstanding array of food festivals, literary festivals, and, of course, music festivals. And, as the home of the fastest man in the world, we do have a number of sporting events that may delight you as well. These are just a few of our favorite Jamaican events.

The Best Food

An ode to Jamaican food: You are spicy, you are sweet, foodies can’t get enough of you to eat!

Your appetite will be delighted with the array of Jamaican food you absolutely have to try. From our fresh seafood prepared right on the beach to the succulent fall-off-the-bone oxtail served up everywhere from cozy corner cookshops to gourmet brasseries, your tastebuds will dance with glee from each Jamaican bite.

It’s a common sight to see fresh tropical fruit and island delicacies like peppered shrimp and candies made from peanuts and coconuts being sold right on the streets. Stop and take a bite of something special that you won’t soon forget.