Wedding Day

Picture your ideal wedding day. Now picture it set against majestic palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze with sea salt in the air and the sound of gentle waves coming to shore. Brightly colored birds sing as they flutter around and the warm sunshine gives life to your glowing skin.

Your wedding day is a joyful, spectacular series of events that bring to reality everything you ever dreamed of, beginning a new chapter of life. In Jamaica, that joy is amplified by the fresh air, beautiful beaches, and the magnetic charisma of the people who will help you to have the perfect day. 

As an established destination wedding location, every aspect of your big day will be executed to your specific requests because dreams are delivered unfettered in Jamaica. You will remember this momentous day for the rest of your lives as the best day ever.

Executing the Perfect Day

It all starts with selecting a wedding planner on the ground to help you with all the fine particulars of planning a destination wedding in another country. You’ll find wedding experts all across Jamaica, whether at your resort, your chosen wedding venue, or wedding event companies such as MSW Events.

They’ll help you to bring your island vision to life, delivering magical moments beyond your most grandiose dreams. With your wedding planner by your side, your wedding day will go off without a hitch. When you arrive, you and your wedding planner will go over all the details of your ceremony and they will look at the original documents that you brought with you to make sure all the required paperwork is set. They’ll also let you know of any backup plans should there be any dramatic change in the weather ahead.

After that, you might begin your tropical wedding retreat with a romantic Jamaican meal at your rehearsal dinner. Steeped in candlelight, soothing reggae grooves, and luscious aromas, you and your soon-to-be will be swept away in the magic of Jamaica. After a day of going over paperwork, venue details, and decor, your rehearsal dinner will calm any pre-wedding jitters before you begin your epic journey of wedded love.

Your Wedding Day 

On the day itself, try not to allow anything to cloud your idyllic vision. Follow the words of the great Bob Marley and don’t you worry about a thing. You’ve chosen one of the best places in the world to get married, and your wedding vendors will go above and beyond to pamper you and execute all your wishes flawlessly.

Sit back and allow your makeup to be done by experts such as Kimberley Patterson or the lovely ladies at Face Forward. Sip champagne from the finest flute and take a few deep breaths, knowing this will be an immaculate affair with your closest friends and family, or just you and the one you love. Allow euphoria to overtake you as you slip on your wedding ensemble and reach for your bouquet.

It’s your wedding day. Every little thing will be alright. And tonight, your honeymoon begins in paradise.

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