Weddings in Jamaica

It's easy to see why Jamaica is a top choice for weddings and honeymoons. The island is rich with romance, culture, thrills, and natural beauty beyond your wildest dreams. Our warm and friendly hospitality adds a delightful experience to your special day, giving you the freedom to relax and enjoy time with your friends, family, and partner-to-be.

What type of wedding do you dream of? You could get married high in the air above the rainforests or while aboard a leisurely catamaran sail through the Caribbean Sea. Perhaps you'll want to be against the backdrop of gently cascading waterfalls with the powdery soft white sand trickling between your toes. Whether you dream of adventure, romance, luxury, fantasy, or classic beauty, Jamaica is the place to make all your dreams come true.

Our wedding planners will handle it all. Forget about a long list of wedding-to-dos. A quick consult with the expert wedding planners in Jamaica will check of everything you need for a smooth-sailing momentous experience. Your wedding in Jamaica will be the highlight of everyone's memory for years to come.

The Jamaican Honeymoon Planning Guide You Need Nov 21
Weddings and Honeymoons

The Jamaican Honeymoon Planning Guide You Need

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Jamaica is a stunning island destination that offers couples everything they could want in a honeymoon spot. It features sandy beaches, turquoise waters, lush jungle landscapes, and fun activities like hiking, zip-lining, and horseback riding. Jamaica also boasts a rich culture…

Destination Wedding Locations in Montego Bay Oct 18
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The exclusive Rose Hall area of Montego Bay, known as the Elegant Corridor, is home to some of the resort area’s most prestigious hotels and resorts. Embedded with the history of one of Jamaica’s largest sugar plantations, Rose Hall is synonymous with luxury. Let…

Top Jamaica Destination Wedding Vendors Sep 20
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Top Jamaica Destination Wedding Vendors

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The weekend of September 7 to 9, 2018 saw the beginning of an era for the wedding industry in the Caribbean - the launch of the first ever Caribbean Wedding Industry and Awards Show. The brain child of Caribbean entrepreneurs Joanne Paxton and Peter Shoucair, was brought to life…

Unconventional Wedding Locations Jun 25
Weddings and Honeymoons

Unconventional Wedding Locations

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Planning a destination wedding is a great opportunity to experience the out of the ordinary, and escape the typical ballroom nuptials. Jamaica is the perfect location for the bride seeking an unusual trip that both the couple and her guests will remember for a lifetime. The…

Things to Do: The Lover's Guide to Jamaica Jun 25
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Love is always in the air in Jamaica, the ideal destination for your first vacation as husband and wife. From warm evening sunsets to secluded waterfalls Jamaica is known for providing intimate escapes for lovers. Not only will you discover beautiful places to visit but exciting…