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Though not indigenous to Jamaica, the influence of reggae and dancehall on traditional soca and calypso rhythms has created a carnival experience unlike any other. Carnival in Jamaica is an explosion of colour, music, dance and food taking place each year from January till the Easter holidays.


Carnival in Jamaica 2019 is on April 28!

Nothing can be compared to attending Carnival in Jamaica, a festival of high-energy, fun-filled events. From beach parties to breakfast fetes, weekly mas camps to J’ouvert and colourful street parades of costumed revelers swinging to pulsating music. The annual bash in Jamaica kicks off in January and ends in April after the Easter holiday. Carnival events take place mainly in the Kingston and Ocho Rios resort areas, with four major bands in Kingston and an Ocho Rios band. Throughout the season revelers are treated to special shows featuring Jamaican and international soca and dancehall artists. The finale of the carnival season is a true spectacle, as the culmination of weeks of partying takes to the streets with each band hosting their own Road March. Carnival in Jamaica is truly a unique expression of our island spirit and showcases to the world a carnival unique to Jamaica. Find out more about Carnival in Jamaica at