The Cultural Capital Of Jamaica

Plunk a visit to Kingston high atop your must-see Jamaica list as the vibrant city offers so much culture and exuberance for the sophisticated and discerning traveler. Kingston is much more than just the capital city of Jamaica, it’s the cultural mecca of the Caribbean! 

Here, you’ll immerse yourself in the iconic home of reggae, Jamaica’s illustrious musical gift to the world. You’ll walk bustling streets lined with modern high-rises blended right in with preserved antique architecture adorned with vivid murals painted by our most talented. You will savor the flavors of tantalizing local eats from the finest restaurants and you’ll enjoy spirited nightlife of every kind from snazzy piano bars to rootsy beach bonfire open mics and lively street dances that once went on till the rise of the morning sun.

It’s the business center of Jamaica, where it’s not unusual to see multi-million dollar deals signed and celebrated with an ice-cold Red Stripe Beer. From the awe-inspiring mountainside that serves as the city’s backdrop to the hum of the lively streets to the gorgeous waterfront and the panoramic seaside towns, Kingston will forever etch its mark in your heart as you explore all that it has to offer

Hotels in Kingston Jamaica

In Kingston, you’ll find the full array of accommodations to choose from. Take your pick from luxury hotels, mountainside chic villas, and guesthouses, urban city dwellings, or suburban comforts away from all the buzz. 

One of the newer entrants on the city scene, the R Hotel boasts contemporary art and modern designs throughout the elegant property. With its trendy touches and upscale decor throughout, this spot attracts popular socialites to its District 5 Restaurant for the world-class food and the rooftop pool deck overlooking the city’s business district. 

Recent visitors to the hotel described it as impressive and unforgettable, an amazing way to spend your time in the pulse of the city. The hotel currently offers a buy two nights, get one free promotion

If staying in the city isn’t up your alley then you will absolutely love the tranquility and understated charm of Strawberry Hills. Located in the peaceful serenity of Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountains, the source of our world-class coffee, this option is elegance, defined. 

Choose from studio suites, cottages, and villas, each boasting breathtaking views of the mountainside or the Kingston Harbour and the Caribbean Sea. Awake to the gentle sounds of the birds fluttering about singing delightful tunes and the refreshing fresh air wafting in, carrying the pleasant fragrance of the surrounding flora to caress your senses. 

The Spa at Strawberry Hills is tucked away in a private enclave, offering resplendent retreats for your mind and body. Once you’re completely relaxed and glowing in indulgence, you will be pleased to know that the restaurant on property here is well known for its sumptuous menu of delectable meals. 

Relax in the picturesque infinity pool that overlooks the city lights and enjoy the sunset in magnificence. Strawberry Hills also offers a promotion for visitors who can stay three nights for the price of two. 

Kingston Restaurants

You’ll find every type of restaurant in Kingston, from open-air street vendors serving up delicious food prepared before your eyes to the fanciest dining halls offering 5-star menus and 5-star meals. Try some authentic jerk chicken from a roadside pan chicken vendor, some curry goat with rice and peas from a casual eatery or succulent seafood pasta served alongside sparkling champagne in a top-notch restaurant. 

Start by seeking out a cup of our famous brew. It would be a shame to visit the city and not enjoy a true cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee straight from the source. The Cafe Blue’s location in the hills is quaint, serene, and perfect. The drive into the hills takes you out of the humdrum and into nature. Pair your cup of coffee with a slice of Jamaican pastry baked fresh each day or enjoy a homestyle meal at the alfresco dining area etched into the mountainside.

If you can’t make it into the hills, you’ll find Cafe Blue in several popular locations across town. Kingstonians and its visitors enjoy many cafes, delis, sports bars, and fine dining restaurants in all pockets of the town, each offering something a little unique. 

One stop you must make when in the city is to Devon House. This historical site dates back to the 1800s and offers a tour of the mansion that sits at the center of the expansive property. You’ll also find delightful coffee and tea shops, fine dining restaurants, and several casual dining spots for a quick but tasty bite. 

Devon House is also the home to some of the world’s best ice cream and for this reason alone, it attracts visitors from all over the world to sample the indulgent treat in the vibrantly green and lush surroundings.