Dunn's River Falls
Dunn's River Falls

Somerset Falls

Somerset Falls is located in the fertile parish of Portland Jamaica, a short ride away from its capital city of Port Antonio. The parish is home to a series of bays, but this natural attraction can be easily found in Hope Bay along the highway main road. Compared to other privatized river and beach attractions in the area (like Reach Falls, Frenchman’s Cove, and San San Beach), Somerset Falls Jamaica’s entrance fee is possibly one of the most affordable options you will find.

Somerset Falls Portland Jamaica

A few cascades meander through the scenic green backdrop of woodland and rocks; the preserved natural elements of the venue create somewhat twisted and angled steps for visitors to maneuver. The picturesque main waterfall is a direct result of the Daniels River pouring down a bumpy hillside through a rich landscape adorned with flowers and ferns into aquamarine natural pools.

For an extra dose of wonder, patrons wait by that waterfall on a solid platform to board a small boat. The ride will have passengers brushing shoulders with olive-green plants wet from the freshwater’s constant flow. The boat will travel beyond the main waterfall and into a shadowy, narrow gorge. Just when you thought the river pouring down the mountainside was gorgeous enough, a 32-foot teardrop cascade (appropriately nicknamed Hidden Falls) is revealed! The water’s thunderous force obscures both hearing and vision, drenching anything and anyone in its path with a cool sweeping mist. The cascade flows onto a large boulder, spilling into a deep pool around it.  Feel free to cleanse yourself in this swimming area under the Hidden Falls, or take a jump if you’re feeling for extra adventure! A tour guide could show you to a small, dark, cave-like grotto waiting to be explored beyond the falls’ misty curtain.

Somerset Falls History

Somerset Falls Jamaica runs through what was once an indigo and spice plantation, however, the venue as it is known today seems to bear no semblance to its former purpose. Centuries ago, this property was occupied by Spanish colonizers who settled in the country of Jamaica. Many aqueducts and dams built by them during that period managed to be preserved enough to still be evident here centuries later.

Somerset Falls Activities

The seasonal falls are at their best during the rainy months of June to November. At this natural attraction, you can marvel at waterfall formations ranging from 5 feet to as high as 32 feet. With the freshwater gushing enough to form foamy pools in some areas, it is the perfect place for a massage. Settle here for a lovely day of bathing in deep, rock pools.

Somerset Falls maintains the magnificence of its tropical forest utopia while adding amenities to complement the natural beauty. Inclusions of an artificial swimming pool and waterslide add a more refined park feel, similarly at YS Falls. You can hike through the forest terrain and explore more of the grounds, which also boasts a restaurant, bar, souvenir shops, and bird aviaries.