South Coast Itinerary

The many attractions on the South Coast of Jamaica are demurely tucked away in the sleepy countryside towns of Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth. This is where you go for a real feel of rural Jamaica that is as authentic and as community-based as one can imagine. 

Here, you’ll find many boutique villas and guesthouses welcoming you to the sweeping lush tropical coastline. The food in this part of Jamaica is fresh and organic, the air is crisp and clean and the towns are quaint and untouched. This is the place for eco-tourism, relaxation, nature, adventure, and culture all rolled up into the fabric of what it means to experience Jamaica.

Where to Stay in South Coast Jamaica

The only all-inclusive resort you’ll find on Jamaica’s South Coast is Sandals South Coast. Located in Westmoreland, it is the epitome of luxury and extravagance, boasting over-the-water bungalows that rival those in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. If you’ve ever wanted to experience Europe in a Caribbean setting, here is the place to do so as the decor throughout the property takes on French, Italian and Dutch styles.

At this property, you’ll find state-of-the-art facilities including 9 world-class restaurants, a late-night buffet, nightly entertainment, a variety of pools, scuba diving classes, 24-hour fitness facilities, and a wide range of water sports and activities to enjoy. Right now, you can enjoy 65% off rack rates at this resort. 

Outside of the luxurious all-inclusive property, choose from one of the many other villas and guesthouses that dot this wide and winding part of Jamaica to begin your adventure into serenity. 

Jake's is one such property. The Bohemian eco-friendly resort has been a long-standing accommodation option on the South Coast known for its eclectic, outdoorsy vibe. Enjoy outdoor showers, a saltwater pool, and private stand-alone villas on this property right on the sea. Their staff all hails from the surrounding community and will welcome you into their beloved home.

Lashings, a newer entrant to the coast, offers different amenities based upon your needs. Choose to stay in the luxurious villas, one of the penthouse suites, or one of the hotel rooms at the Lashings Beach Club. Enjoy delicious pizza from the beloved Tree Top Restaurant and Bar on site. They also feature an art gallery in the lobby where you can purchase art native to the area. 

The Sunset Resort is a small property with a farm-to-table offering that embodies the feeling of “home away from home.” All rooms boast a king-sized bed and a view of the ocean, allowing guests to enjoy that brilliant Caribbean Sea from anywhere on site. 

What to Do on Jamaica’s South Coast

Not to be outdone by the more popular north coast, the adventure never stops in the south. You’ll quickly run out of time before you get to all the things to do, sites to see and food to taste

The YS Falls rises high in the mountainside and cascades for seven layers, offering a plethora of spots to play. The farm on the property is home to cattle you’ll see lazily grazing on the sprawling grounds as you make your way up to the main attraction. Once there, climbing the falls and zip-lining your way down is a must for thrill-seekers. At the base of the waterfall, families can enjoy the two large freshwater pools suitable for children. Grab a bite and memorabilia from the gift shop before moving on to your next adventure. 

After a morning or riveting adventure over the waterfalls, the Black River Safari is the perfect way to find peace and serenity. This tour takes you 45 minutes up Jamaica's longest navigable river to see the local crocodiles and the birds who flock to the tremendous mahogany trees lining the river. You'll learn why it's called the Black River, hear of its rich history and uses even in modern day.

A vacation on Jamaica's South Coast isn't complete without a trip to lover's leap to see the breathtaking views of the horizon and hear the legend of our very own Jamaican Romeo and Juliet. Plan for a ride out to Pelican's Bar, the coolest bar in the world floating out at sea, and be sure to stop for a taste of spicy pepper shrimp, prepared lovingly each day by the various street vendors you’ll come across on your journey through the flourishing landscape.