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Island Experiences

life-changing things to do

These are the experiences that become unforgettable memories. Let us show you our island! 

1. Meet the People
The people are bold, vivacious and beautiful. The Jamaica Tourist Board offers a great opportunity to spend time with a Jamaican who shares your interest. Share your hobby for philately, spelunking or growing orchids. We’ll help you learn more about Jamaica’s best asset – her people.

2. Rum Tasting
Jamaican rums have been consumed by presidents, military generals and enjoyed by connoisseurs the world over. Chances are, once you’ve sipped the fragrant bouquet of our rums, you'll understand why it is one of our special treasures. So… "Take me to Jamaica where the rum comes from…"

3. Learning Patois
The language of the people – melodious and rhythmic – is one of the identifiers of a Jamaican. While you're on the island, learn a few words and strike up a conversation with your craft vendor or merchant. Be sure to negotiate and ask for a little "brawta" or something extra.

4. Sail on a bamboo raft
Sailing leisurely down the river on a raft made for two with your personal "captain" to boot! This has to be Jamaica!

5. Try the new Reggae dance moves
Reggae music is everywhere in Jamaica. Whether in its folk, rocksteady or dancehall forms – the beat will certainly move your feet. Learn a few steps or, if you dare, catch the new party moves to show-off on your friends.

6. Play on picturesque golf courses
We're always up to par since Jamaica is home to the largest and most picturesque golf courses in the Caribbean. Play on undulating hills or with the ocean breeze caressing your cheeks. There's nowhere like Jamaica!

7. Sample Jamaican food and fruits
Jamaica is the island of jerk foods and spices. The island also abounds with exotic fruits and foods. Enjoy a refreshing "Jelly coconut", Otatiete apple, naseberry or June plum. Rum and Red Stripe beer are ever present.

8. Visit the Capital of Casual
Negril is the shrug-off-your-blues-take-off-your-shoes destination. Stroll along its famous white-sand beach and take a cool swim. The evening sunset in Negril has been wooing romantics for decades – watch the rays fade into the horizon and we're sure you’ll feel the same.

9. Hike the trails
Whether you choose the heights of the Blue Mountains, the plains of the southern coast or the winding trails of the Rio Grande Valley – Jamaica's topography is never 'common' or predictable. Catch a glimpse of some of the endemic species of birds – a Jamaican Tody or perchance a Swallow-tailed Hummingbird. Nature in its bounty has blessed Jamaica – explore!

10. Explore life above ground
High flying adventure options abound in Jamaica. Sail through the forests on a zipline or canopy to get a birds-eye view of the vistas that make Jamaica one of the Caribbean’s pearls. This is certainly an adventure and not for the faint of heart. Can you handle the challenge?