Falmouth Cruise Port: Patty Stall and Cruise Ship
Falmouth Cruise Port

The Port of Falmouth

Georgian meets gorgeous

The rich history of the town of Falmouth is complemented by the world-class deep-water port where your favourite cruise ships will dock. Stroll through the avenues of the past, along the port or in the town and explore the Falmouth market; take a leisurely ride on a trolley or bus to the historic sites. The town’s rich Georgian architecture meets modern amenities at Falmouth’s port with a promenade of craft shops, duty-free retailers, local artistes and artisans. Falmouth is also the port to explore your culinary calling with exotic foods and fruits in season.

The winding Martha Brae River meets the sea near the town of Falmouth and this natural waterway offers unique rides for two on a bamboo raft at Rafting on the Martha Brae, complete with nature’s birdsongs and wind whispers. 

Falmouth is home to Glistening Waters where the luminescent organisms bathe swimmers in a beautiful glow. Chukka at Good Hope is a working estate complete with ATVs, ziplines, buggy tours, and resident potter, David Pinto to help you mold your artistic gifts.

Add a bit of “spirit” to your vacation with rum tours at Appleton Estate or Hampden Estates.  Relive the history of the town that was once the haven for the island’s elite planters, complete with all the urban amenities such as piped water before many of the world’s large cities, through tours such as the Falmouth Heritage Walks and Braemar Tours. The time you spend in port at Falmouth will be well worth the experience.