Catch a Serious Thrill

Vacations in Jamaica offer the chance to go beyond the sandy beaches and striking scenery for exhilarating adventures you’ll always remember. An abundance of turquoise waters, lush green lands, and deep caverns excite thrill-seekers craving an adrenaline rush. An action-packed collection of adventures in Jamaica is available, but what are YOU looking for?

Imagine the adventure of a lifetime. A warm flush of the face while minor trembles shake droplets of cool sweat from your anxious body. You feel hot blood pumping through the veins while your heartbeat rivals the island drums. As you anticipate the unknown, there’s a drop in the pit of your stomach and small gulp at the back of the throat. Finally, you’ve reached a euphoric moment mixed with excitement, fear, pride, and relief. Adventure is calling, and Jamaica has the answer ... Where will it take you?

Adventure Parks

If you’re seeking a full day of daring activities, adventure parks in Jamaica are ideal choices for the whole family. Though Kool Runnings’ kid-friendly main attraction is Jamaica’s largest water park, it also offers go-kart racing and paintball activities. Conquering bumpy terrains with ATVs, soaring through the air on zip lines, and maneuvering rushing waters are common adventure park activities. For example, popular picks like Jamwest Speedway and Adventure Park, Yaaman Adventure Park, and Chukka Cove Adventure Park and Falls all offer these options in addition to others that make each venue a unique experience.

Water Adventures

Cool down as generous splashes of water wash away beading sweat. Whether you’re a river or beach lover, our inviting streams, waterfalls, and sea are popular adventure destinations. Maneuver the valley on twisted torrents of the Rio Bueno with River Rapids Adventure, kayak with fellow daredevils on water waves, and learn how to surf with Jamnesia Surf Camp.

Treetop Adventures

Take your Jamaican adventure from the sea to the air in towering canopies. Feel the wind’s brush as you whiz through trees on zip lines overlooking commanding views, such as YS Falls’ cascade series, the Mystic Mountain Rainforest, and historic Good Hope Estate plantation where the majestic Martha Brae River flows through. 

Mountain Adventures

If you’d like to venture beyond the treetops, lace up your sneakers and wander Jamaica’s unspoiled ridges. Refresh by inflating your lungs with fresh air as you embark on a mountain journey. If sweeping aerial views of rolling hills, valleys, and the sea aren’t enough of an incentive to take a hike, how about beholding the magnificence of our wildlife or setting foot on Jamaica’s highest point?

Cave Adventures

What screams adventure like exploring the unknown of deep, dark caves? Thumping beats on rock formations, faint clicks of bats fluttering high above, and sparkling walls make shadowy cavern ventures more enthralling. Green Grotto Caves is probably the most popular cave attraction, and one of the top adventures in Ocho Rios. For experiences rooted more in community tourism you may explore the nearby caves of Roaring River in the heart of a western town, or trek the rugged Cockpit Country where the Windsor Caves are located.

Your Jamaican Adventure Itinerary 

With so many choices, it may be overwhelming to choose exactly how you want to get your blood pumping. If you visit the North Coast and are seeking a series of adventures in Jamaica, a collection of gutsy activities awaits in our five-day adventure itinerary. Find things to do in Jamaica across three parishes, from bustling Montego Bay to the buzzing town of Ocho Rios. To top it off, the list also includes eateries where you can indulge in meals bursting with authentic island flavor.

Adventure Tours in Jamaica 

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