San San


This quiet area a few miles from the town of Port Antonio was an escape for the affluent, with many notable persons, including the ‘Banana King’ Captain Lorenzo Baker, purchasing homes in the area. Captain Baker, who is credited as the pioneer of the modern banana industry, established successful trade in Port Antonio, putting the town on the map for banana production.

Local Flavour:  
Today the San San area boasts luxurious villas, boutique hotels and private vacation homes, several of which are situated directly on the coast. Both locals and visitors spend the summer there while also exploring the area’s attractions, all located in close proximity.
Famous For: 
San San Beach, one of the most secluded and quiet beaches on the island, is easily missed on a visit to Port Antonio. Just a few minutes from the popular Frenchman’s Cove Beach, San San beach also offers parking, restrooms and an area for barbecuing. Boatmen in the area also offer short rides to Monkey Island which is a few miles off shore.

Don't Miss: 
One of the area’s most iconic attractions is the Blue Lagoon. Said to be bottomless, this jewel-toned lagoon is a must visit on any trip to Port Antonio. Both boating and rafting tours of the lagoon are available, offering a tranquil view of the natural beauty of the lagoon.