Norman Manley Boulevard


Negril did not develop into a vacation resort location until the latter half of the 20th century, primarily because accessibility to the region proved diffficult. This issue of accessibility soon changed as in 1959 a roadway to Negril was created, launching the development of what was then a tiny fishing village. Around the same time, hippies and backpackers began to appear, gravitating towards the laid-back lifestyle of the area and the warmth of the town's small population. These people boarded with locals or camped in tents on the beaches, their 'high on life' mentality cemented the attitude and easy-going vibe that has become Negril. Their arrival resulted in the development of Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril's main thoroughfare

Local Flavour:
The locals can be seen going about their daily hustle, fishing, giving tours and selling their products. The Seven Mile Beach which is adjacent to the Norman Manley Boulevard also acts as a major 'roadway', with both visitors and locals walking the white sand shore to and from the various locations along the beach.

Famous For:
Negril has some of the best spots for watching the sunset, right there on the beach, from your hotel room or a beach chair. This 7-mile stretch of golden sand and clear blue waters is the perfect place for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Don't Miss:
The cuisine! For eclectic and international cuisine, visitors should try Margaritaville, Kuyaba on the Beach, or Kenny's Italian Café.